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  1. Hi. I have a Singer 29K patcher machine, and I would love to find a pattern for a simple, rugged safari duffel bag that I could make on my machine. I tried the search function here on the forum, but it picks up on key words and shows multiple posts that are not what I’m looking for. So, #1, I’m looking for the pattern, and #2, I’d like to learn how to navigate this forum better.
  2. A little mouse purse I made inspired by and thanks to Harry Rogers. I had zippers that were actually too long, and ended up enjoying the added length by making into a tail and whiskers.
  3. Yes. The brass snail shaped item is the capper. It holds the little percussion (snap) caps that ignite the powder in a black powder firearm. The caps here are little copper foil cups.
  4. I had seen capper sheaths before on eBay, and figured I could make my own. So, here’s my version. Sewn on my singer 29K71
  5. Good point. I’ll give it a try.
  6. Everyone seems to recommend Tokenol over Edge Kote. Is Tokenol worth the extra money?
  7. Thanks to those who weighed in on this. I will be getting some Tokonole as soon as I can. My wife suggested permanent marker Had anyone tried that?
  8. Hi. I am making a small production run of little key ring guitar pick holders, and would like advice on what to put on the light cut exposed edges of the leather so it looks more finished. I believe I am using a medium weight chrome tanned leather. Member Leatherpounder did an post on this very subject, but when I click on it, it says “content not found”.
  9. Recently a member from Vintage Industrial Sewing Machines Ken Meise made a post about a device his dad invented to hold and display bobbins that clamps on your sewing table. Aside from being a Singer 29K71 enthusiast, I am a weldor/blacksmith, and thought it would be fun to make some of these devices to sell. Ken has endorsed this graciously, and so, I am offering the device for sale. This holds up to 30 bobbins, and clamps to keep your bobbins handy on your sewing table or stand. I call this the Bobbinhoop If anyone is interested in getting one of these, PM me and we can go over our particulars, PayPal $25,and I’ll get it sent out to you. Thank you!
  10. Yes, VT is Vermont. As far as I can tell, the gear on the main shaft is in unused condition.
  11. Anyone parting out an old Singer 29K71 “patcher” machine? I am looking for a hand wheel hub complete so I can move the hand wheel from the side of the machine to the front of the machine. I could order the parts from College Sewing Machines UK, but the shipping costs are very prohibitive.
  12. Hi. A while ago I posted about getting my Singer 29K71 walking foot machine. I have since gotten the needed parts (Thank you Wizcrafts) from Toledo Industrial Sewing machines. Last night I tried stitching for the first time, and had SUCESS. The old Singer sings again. I used Wizcrafts recommendations for needles and threads, and tried stitching 2-4 layers of denim. I had to play around with the tension to get the stitches in the middle, but am a bit unsure of all the other settings. Take-up lever tension, take up lever height, foot height, foot pressure etc. Is there anyone out there who can advise on an old singer patcher machine what good starting settings would be for denim and leather? The machine also has a different set of tension discs on the front of the machine for darning. How does that work? Also, is there a general recommendation for stitch length (maybe a chart) depending on material?
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