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  1. Thanks guys, that makes perfect sense. Glue up the holster, locate your cut lines for the loop, flip the skirt liner out of the way then cut your slits for your loop. Flip the skirt back down and mark through your slits/ slots onto the inside of the skirt liner. then glue up to your marks. thanks again, Rob
  2. Hi Dwight. Me trying to copy a John Bianchi holster would be like me trying to copy the Mona Lisa. I may attempt to make something similar in a cross draw in the future. I'm still practicing my tooling and round knife skills. The more I practice the luckier I get. Rob
  3. I respectfully disagree. I can pull the toe away from the skirt enough to see the slot cut and the liner behind it. Yes this is one of John's holsters. Heres is a closer look. Rob
  4. but how do you keep from cutting through the liner if you cut the slots for the holster loop after the liner is glued. Notice the back of the skirt is not cut but the front of the skirt is for the holster to fit through. Maybe I'm missing something here. If I am I apologize for the dumb questions in advance. Rob
  5. Holster 3.emlHello, I'm new to the forum and I know this is an old thread. Im' a novice/ beginner leather crafter and these are some gorgeous holsters here. I have a couple questions about how the loop holsters are constructed. When making a lined holster do you cut the slots in the skirt after you have glued the lining on? Here is a couple of photos of my Bianchi holster. notice the back of the skirt is not cut. Now its obvious that the lining isn't cut so the loop in the skirt had to be cut before the lining went on correct? how would you accomplish this? Sorry for the dumb questions like i said, I'm a novice. Rob..p.s. i guess i don't know how to post pics Holster .eml Holster 3.eml
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