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  1. Hello, I just started sewing K9-gear about one year ago, and I need a cilinder arm machine for my next project. I can buy a Seiko LSC-8BV locally for about $700,-. I could really use your advice on this one! Anyone here with first hand experience with this exact model, and if so, would you recommend buying this machine? Any information about this machine is greatly appreciated!!! Best Regards, Rob (Netherlands)
  2. Hello Dashed, I can buy the exact same machine locally. Can you please tell me if you managed to turn the machine into a plain sewer? And i f so, how do you like it? Any info is more than welcome, like is this machine capable of handling multiple layers of nylon webbing? Thank you and best regards, Rob (Netherlands)
  3. Hello Freerite, I am glad I found this post. I can but this machine locally (in The Netherlands) for $500,-, but it’s hard to find any information about this specific model. Can you tell me about your experience with this machine? I am making tactical gear , so the machine should be capable of sewing multiple layers of webbing. Do you think this machine is suited for heavier materials? Any more things to consider before I buy this sewing machine? Thank you for your help!
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