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  1. Sorry about the delay. My niece claimed the bag the moment she laid eyes on it. I had to get it back from her to snap a couple of photos. The bottom is all one piece folded length-ways. The two ends each have a notch cut in them so that the ends could wrap around, be stitched together, and voila! A bag is born.
  2. I really want to try that diamond pattern with the shading. Where do I start with that? Do you lay out the diamonds first or the central image first then lay in the diamond pattern around it?
  3. I decided to make a practice piece before attempting the bag I am planning to make. This was done with a few cutoff pieces that were too big for the scrap bin.
  4. It a fantastic idea for sure. I don't know that I would have a dedicated belt. I might take from your idea and just do the pouches that can attach to one of my existing belts like a knife or tool sheath.
  5. I don't have the patience to tool leather. That is an absolutely amazing piece of art.
  6. It just goes to show that with a little imagination and ingenuity, an ordinary object or design can be taken to taken to another level. I want to try my hand at your design. I am extremely impressed with the way it turned out.
  7. It's never too late, well... I supposed the day we are put in the ground is the deadline... too dark? I started leatherworking about a year or so ago at the age of 40. I am disabled and desperately needed something productive to do. My brother bought me a beginners tool kit and a few belt blanks. He was in need of a new belt and I was falling headfirst into a deep, dark depression. Finding purpose in creating pulled me out of that headspace and I started becoming creative again. I will continue to do this until my body gives out, my mind gives out or the money runs out. Tip: Start small. Each step of the way requires a bit of practice, so begin with something simple to get a feel for it. Just don't wait to get started.
  8. That halter is a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. Just curious, what you used as padding and liner?
  9. Minnesota


    This was my very first attempt at making a bracelet.
  10. Minnesota


    This is the very first belt I made. It is riddled with mistakes and it taught me a lot of lessons about moving too fast, the need to slow down when dyeing with daubers, and why I do not need to apply so much pressure while burnishing the edges.
  11. Minnesota


    First attempt at making a bracelet. Very rough, but everyone starts somewhere.
  12. Minnesota


    I am fascinated by different stitching patterns. I spent a weekend wrapping everything I could get my hands on in leather so I could practice the Corset stitch.
  13. Minnesota


    This is the suede laptop liner for a backpack that I just finished.
  14. Minnesota


    One of my very first belts with a matching watchband.
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