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  1. My definition of leather is simple, it is a fabric made from animal hide and tanned to make it wearable.
  2. Maybe, Russian Sable is the most expensive leather fur.
  3. You would get a high efficiency leather conditioner at many place but make sure to choose one according to the type of leather you have.
  4. This is one of the most detailed post about leather bag tutorial. Very good tutorial!
  5. I like storing my leather carefully in a plastic bag in a cool, dry and dark place. In summers, i hang them via a wooden hanger with a plastic bag over them.
  6. LeatherModiste


    Very cool design. Looks luxurious. What kind of leather is used in making it?.
  7. If you don't want to put lining inside your holster then you should try to soften the insides by conditioners or other such things.
  8. There are many factors such as availability of hides, weather conditions, law and rules regarding leather and local people's preferences plays a huge role in this. Some times, traditional leather tanning techniques also plays a difference.
  9. Yes, but i think you have t o modify the piece if you want to turn it into something different such as garments, etc.
  10. One of the common myth i have heard about leather is that it is really hard to maintain. Obviously the care and clean of leather is different from other fabrics as it has a totally different source. Still taking care of leather is not a mammoth task and you can do by just giving it half an hour a week.
  11. Your wallet gives out classy vibes and the construction seems good too. I liked the design of this wallet.
  12. This can be answered in just two words, Comfortable and Stylish. These two are the main reason why any body would buy leather straps over any other material or metal.
  13. You can make holsters, pouch, wall decor and other kinds of creative items with it. You can use it to make small leather accessories. If you are beginner in leather then you can try out using it as a practice leather.
  14. I must appreciate that your belt bag which you made has good design and i like d the pattern you drew over it.
  15. Firstly, you will need to revive it. If it is received to be usable then you can use it for making bag or strap.
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