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  1. Thanks Alex. I was a little nervous going with green, but I wanted to try something different. I started out with Kelly green, and I subdued it adding black and a little bit of Mahagony dye.
  2. Thank you very much. I take my photos with a 50mm Macro lens, and I shoot from a tripod. I find stuff in the photos that I didn't even see when I was making it, lol.
  3. yea, the 1805 HF was primarily a Horse pistol, issued to dragoons, and later Cavalry. It was also issued to the navy, where is probably remained in an arms locker the majority of the time. But... its definitely a boat anchor once you have it on your person. Same would be the case for any arms of the time. Lots of steel.
  4. Thanks Fred!! The welt gives it a lot of needed structure with the cut out for the lock. That took some playing around with.
  5. Thank you very much sir. It was difficult finding the right balance of retention and not have it flopping around, with the exposed lock.
  6. Here's my latest Attempt. I feel like. bit by bit. I'm refining my process. But I also feel like for every issue I resolve, I make different mistakes. This will be pretty fun to carry at the range. Let me know what you think.
  7. That would do the job great, once they are protected in leather!
  8. Good Idea, I'll swing through plumbing next time I'm at the hardware store and see what I can find. Thanks!!
  9. That's cool. Good lookin cc bag.
  10. I can see that. Mask down the rough side, then mark and cut. I think the leather itself is flexing while I'm marking. Its not bad, but I'm just trying to refine how I'm approaching it to get more precision. Good idea.
  11. That sounds like a real good time. I mostly nymph fish too, although dry flying is spectacular during a hatch. The waters around me are mostly regulated for artificial flies only. Which is fine, since the rivers can be crowded and the fish pressured. I see mainly rainbow and browns, with brookies depending where you are at. Sometimes I go up into Rock Mountain National Park for Greenback cutthroats which are beautiful. Those are endangered, so catch and release only.
  12. I get bored regular fishing from the shore real fast. I love fly fishing. You have to stalk the fish and present the fly where they don't realize its coming from you. I like that its a far more active hunt.
  13. Can't say I've ever tried to river surf, nor have I seen anyone actually do it person. That seems like a recipe for death in a boulder filled rapid. I prefer to keep my feet on the riverbed and do some fly fishing.
  14. yea, that's low tech and cheap. Plenty of riverstone to be found around Denver! Thanks
  15. Wow, that's cool. There's a lot of intricate stuff going on in that jewelry box. I'm mainly working in thicker leathers. Gun holsters, mainly.
  16. Thats interesting. I'll have to check around and see what I can find. Thanks!
  17. yea, I tried that a long time ago. The tire shops in my area are all corporate owned. Discount tire, Big O, firestone, etc. They all have contracts with scrapping companies, and they hold on to every last weight. They probably also have epa requirements to account for the lead disposal. When I first started reloading, I hit every shop in my area, and every shop told me no. So, I buy my lead for reloading.
  18. I think I have an old paperweight in a box - good call. I don't have a source of scrap lead. Tire shops around me are all corporate. They collect and sell back all the lead. I tried to find lead when I started reloading. Good call on the painted or covered iron.
  19. I've been mean to stop by a granite shops, looking for a cut out to use for stamping, etc. - The hole cut out are a good idea too. Thanks!
  20. - yea, demin would work well. I got some old jeans in the back of the closet that could be used. Thanks!! I keep a look out for an old Iron. that would do the job, thanks!!
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