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  1. Frances

    Canvas -

    Hey everyone, If you're looking for a source for canvas, spandex, and some other things check out Big Duck Canvas. They are in Georgia. No minimum purchase required. I ordered some of their "seconds" for making dog toys and honestly can't find anything wrong with any of it. Here's a list of what they have I do have an affiliate link (hope this is OK, if not let me know and I'll remove it): https://lddy.no/1i0lo otherwise go directly to them at bigduckcanvas.com they do sell some thread as well (I can't say whether their prices are good or not) - look on their site under "sewing notions and supplies" Spandex Dye Sublimation Print Fabrics Art Canvas / Artist Canvas 7 Oz. Cotton Canvas 10 Oz Cotton Canvas 12 Oz Cotton Canvas #12 (11.5oz) Duck #10 (15oz) Duck #8 (18oz) Duck #6 (21oz) Duck #4 (24oz) Duck Waxed Canvas Army Duck Bull Denim Stone Washed Canvas Cotton Blend Ripstop Fabrics Muslin Fabric Vinyl Fabric 600D & Cordura Denier Fabrics Marine Vinyl AquaDuck® Outdoor Furniture Fabric Outdoor Fabric: Solution-Dyed Acrylic SeaDuck® Marine & Awning Fabric Outdura UV Marine/Awning Solution Dyed Acrylic Discounted Fabrics: Overstock, Factory Seconds Canvas For Tents & Tipis Find The Best Fabric For Your Project Resources Custom Dye Lots/Custom Fabric Color Cornhole Bag Resin Filler Sewing Notions & Supplies
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Any chance you have one in your shop?
  3. @CynthiaCleaver1 Is the Cowboy 4500 still for sale? thanks- Frances
  4. This is all very interesting and informative - thank you everyone. I've been sewing a very long time (my mom taught sewing when I was growing up and I'm retired). I'm am interested in getting an industrial for heavier projects - bags, dog toys(!), repairs on outdoor equipment for Scouts, etc. My brain is swirling with all the things I have in mind. :-) I was shown a machine that I think is a TechSew. The manufacturer wasn't clearly marked, but the model number was "2150MX". It is a cylinder bed triple walking foot that does both zigzag and straight stitch. Needless to say it was rather pricey ($3495 new from a local dealer). It was mounted to a Consew table, but I can't find anything like it on their site. The only thing I was really told was "it took us a year to get this one". (Ok whatever on that.) The seller ran it briefly on zigzag, unplugged it and walked away. It looks an awful lot like the Techsew, and the closest I can find online is a Techsew 2150-2 for $3999. Here are my questions: Do any of y'all have or have used a combination zigzag/straight stitch cylinder bed machine? Good idea/bad idea? Run far far away because there's too much to go wrong with it being a "combo" machine? Would it be better to have separate machines - one zigzag and one straight stitch? TY- Frances
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