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  1. costs for sending it to the states :
  2. I,m selling my Junker & ruh sd28 , the machine is complete and works great included a operation manual. 400 euro,s or 575 dollars. Grtz Ron - Netherlands.
  3. I made this belt for a member of Satudarah mc ( dutch mc ) translated - one blood
  4. Thanx Spence , i put the buckle end/piece ? , together with chigago screws , so that i can make the belt larger when its is neccesary ? sorry for my englisch i didn,t know that he still grows for maybe another year grtz Ron
  5. this is my second collar , for a customer he wants him for his Mastiff / Dogo Canario , a real dog his neck measures 24 inches ( 60 cm ) , 1 jear old
  6. thanks , i figured out myself , and now i,m seeing that i dit it wel , de machine works great
  7. Is there anybody who can tel or show me , how the thread runs - (bobbin and needle) i saw a lot of pics , but no one shows me how to start sewing i became this one from a retired shoemaker thanx and grtz ron ( netherlands)
  8. i found this foto from a old sadlemaker in the netherlands , the owners keep this building and his tools , so it was in 1896 i also found this one , grtz Ron
  9. this is my first guitar strap , i made it for a friend , he pays me 80 euro,s ( 100 dollars ?)
  10. for my belts , i use a bench drill . and before i get started , i putt the leather into water for at least 6 hours grtz , ron - netherlands
  11. This belt i made for a customer , xiena is the name of his dog.
  12. this one i have to make for a friend ho is playing in an bluesband , named Van Holland i have to cut out those letters , this becomes my first guitar strap.
  13. great work ! very nice do you also have the uncensored version for us in the Netherlands , ha,haa grtz Ron
  14. I worked 15 years for the US Army in the Netherlands , then i had for seven years an pawnshop and now i do upholstery for fitnessequipment , and also make party and erotic leather clothing , belts ..... Ron
  15. this is a very simple one , but it works great - and it cost me nothing , only a little work Grtz Easy.
  16. it takes me 3 hours to cut a belt i use a very small knife , i made it myself - because such a small knife is not for sale grtz Easy
  17. most of the times , i used this tool , i made it myself grtz Easy
  18. this belt i made this week for a friend of mine
  19. Ron from the Netherlands ( Holland)
  20. I,am Ron from Holland i,am bussy with leathercrafting for about one year , so i still have to learn a lot for the moment , i have made belts , legbags and motorcycle seats (i hope my englisch is good enough to read , ha,haa) Grtz Ron
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