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How do I fix this inconsistency in leather stain?

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15 hours ago, Springrose said:

Please post your photos here.  3rd party hosted photos frequently disappear due to changes in the host's policies, host out of business, users moving files, deleting files, closing their account or the account expiring.  When this happens, the post becomes worthless to all future users who are researching or looking for help to solve a problem.

If your files are too large to post here due to file size restrictions, you need to resize your files to fit.  Follow this link for some helps and suggestions.  https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/15122-how-to-post-pictures-on-lw/?do=findComment&comment=551171
There are lots of Apps, software, and online tools available on the web, or even built into your device to enable you to reduce your file sizes.  800 pixels in the longest dimension is quite adequate.  Smart phone screens and many monitors don't display high res files in high resolution.  People that live on the fringes of the internet appreciate smaller file sizes and high res photos may take from 10 minutes to hours to download.


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22 hours ago, Springrose said:

Have tried to stain the vege tan leather but have somehow created this inconsistency is there a way to fix this? 



"Fixing" that dye job unfortunately would be best done re dying it in a darker color or black.

What you need to do to prevent such occurances in the future . . . is first apply a light coat of neatsfoot oil . . . and then give it about 24 hours to disperse itself eavenly thoughout the leather piece,

Only apply it to the hair side (slick outside side of the leather)

Lighter tans are especially vulnerable to that splotchy look without the oiling.

May God bless,


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Perfection is boring. Embrace the splotchy.

I've struggled with uneven dye jobs. I found that "dip dying" is much more even. You can return the excess back to the original bottle. Also I find that dampening the leather before dying can help. Maybe I'll try the neatsfoot oil idea.

EDIT: The bottle in the picture says "2 tone". Did the manufacturer have a recommended application method? It's funny how it seems to have both absorbed more in that dark area and resisted in other areas. Could something have contaminated the surface?

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Sometimes the leather will have a finish on it and/or oils from people's hands, which cause a resist on the leather.  A light cleaning with denatured alcohol helps a lot in that case.  

But I agree with AlZilla, embrace the differences in dye effect.  It's a natural product with natural variables.

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