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Keepers Of The Game

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Now that the stress of this one is over and done with, here is what I have been chipping away at for the last week or so.

2 layer 9-10 oz veg tan from Tandy lined with suede. Hand punched and stitched (My fingers hurt). Fiebing's spirit dyes Oxblood and Mahogany (Of which I spilled on my table which now looks like a murder scene).


These are for the male and female winners for 'Best in Show' at the Gamekeepers Exhibition 2010, which is a Bullmastiff show in Chilliwack, BC, Canada this weekend. The male measures 26" and the female 23"

There are loads more pics just ask









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Good looking stuff, great stitching by the way.

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[Hey Sasquatch they are awsome mate and i am sure that the sore hand will heel !!!! lol , i feel a little sorry for the little bloke but am sure he will grow up sooner or later

and will be proud to show off your best ever collar !!, i have a American Bull dog ,,, Johnson blood line , his weight is about the 76 kgs mark and his head is the size or even bigger than a soccor ball and anything smaller than your beautifull leather work look silly on him mate

Keep up the good work Sas




send some more pics to me i would love to see them mate

head of security.jpg




Edited by Bevan

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Gamekeepers friend.....sure they are!!!

Ur work is outstanding and very clean....I have a Bullmastiff girl, Biene is now over 14!!!!years old and still going...our brindle English mastiff keeps her company and our adopted Pitbull baby is hanging on her tail all day!!haha......

They all wear nylon, to keep the image low profile...Oh well, but I love ur collars, really cool stuff!!

Thanks for sharing!!

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Very neat and good looking collars. My personal pref would be black or dark brown slicked edges. Love the brass hardware with those colours.

Great job!!!


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Thanks Guys,

Bevan, good looking dog! I will send pics soon.

Jimbob, Would love to see pics of the whole brood.

Tom, Yeah I would have leaned more in your direction on this one too, but this was what the customer wanted, sort of the old world look to it.

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