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I recall a story of a guy that ran an advertisement in the classifieds section of the newspaper:

"This is your last chance!  Send $25 to P.O. Box ###!!"

and apparently made thousands.


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Few years back a lady wanted me to repair her Bahama bought fake  "Gucci" handbag.  The straps had separated, (the Beijing glue job sucked).  After two and a half hours of regluing and then sewing the straps back together, she was upset that I wanted $50.00 for the job.  I guess the $40.00 she paid originally (she told me that) +my $50.00 for putting her bragging rights back together wasn't worth it.  Don't know what a real Gucci one's worth but I bet more than 90 clams.  Sometimes ours is a thankless job.



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