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Steinunn Gunnsteinsdóttir admits that it took her family more than a few attempts to be able to make leather from fish skins.

"The first 200 times we just made smelly fish soups," she says.

Ms Gunnsteinsdóttir is the sales manager of Icelandic company Atlantic Leather, which owns the only fish tannery in Europe.

Overlooking a fjord on Iceland's remote north coast, since 1994 it has been processing the skins of salmon, perch, cod and wolffish.

Just a note, despite what the article says , They are by no means the only fish leather tannery in Europe, one of our French TV stations ran a programme around 3 years ago ( which I recorded ) featuring two women who own a fish leather tannery in France supplying the bespoke shoe trade..There are others elsewhere in Europe..Interesting nevertheless..There are a few companies in France selling various types of fish leather amongst their "exotics"..

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Well that's about typical for modern journalism -- a copy pasted press release filtered through the publication's political bias and minimal basic background research conducted.

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