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Hi Guys. 

I've been getting more and more into leather and have started to make some things for friends and family members. It is turning out pretty decent. I've been thinking of name ideas just so I can get a stamp made for a makers mark.

Any ideas? 

My last name is Wing.. I feel like I'd like to incorporate something like that into it... but I'm drawing blanks. 


So I got into leatherworking because I was asking my fiance what she wanted for her birthday. She said that she wanted a 'gucci' bag and I told her I'd make her a 'guppy' bag instead. Well I made her a leather bag, and its known as the guppy bag. My family thinks that 'Guppy Leatherworks' wouldn't be a bad name either. Thoughts?

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Whatever you choose ..make sure that the dotcom is available..

G Wing leather=

K Wing leather=


don't bother about the dotnet, dotorg etc..If you are also targeting customers in another language..get the country code for that language if you can, some CC TLDs ( country code top level domains ) require residency address or proof of business presence in their jurisdictions..dotUS , dotEU , DotCN are examples of CC TLDs that require such.


The "works" is not required, names need to be short if possible, people have better memories if the word or name is short..The reason I put a "k" variant is that the "k" sound sticks in peoples' is an "attention sound"..The first and second g in gwingleather are also "attention sounds"..

Either of those will work with a logo based upon a letter surrounded by two wings, one to either side..Put the letter ( G or K ) in a "hide cut out shape" rather than an oval or a circle, then add the wings to each side..You could just use a single wing..( letter to the left, wing "root" to the side of the letter , wing opened to the right..but..that is close to "red and white"..and may cause some "confusion"..Most would think that your market was "biker"..


HTH :)


Whichever name you pick, register the dotcom immediately, even if you don't think that you'll have a website ready for a year or more..

If not, you risk it being gone and having to buy it from some one else for much more than the £10.00 or so that you'd pay for your first year if you registered it now..Both those names may already be gone..I have not looked.

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L and L Wing or  leather and lace wing.

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I would use your location something like "DW at  Dallas Texas"

The reason just your name means nothing to the population at large, but if they want leather work they will look up someone near their location in most  cases, A brand name takes years to get known and lots of advertising

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