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  1. Not my thing but love how it came out after washing the antique....
  2. As said Shikikan, I'm open to offers but if you want me to name a price it's £320 for all the parts inc shipping. regards bigfoot
  3. I have a junker & ruh SD28 hand cranked stitcher for sale in the sewing machine section...you can look em up on YouTube to see how they work. originally designed for shoe soles so ideal for heavy leather work.....
  4. Open to sensible offers for these rare SD28 parts..in pounds sterling £ Will post worldwide at cost..buyer is responsible for any import duties/taxes. Shuttle/hook with 2 bobbins...hook looks good and it picks up thread in my machine, has some surface rust and pitting on the bottom. 2 more spare bobbins. Super rare harness stitching plate with edge guide and screw..in great condition. Needle strike plate or whatever it is called...size 5/6 14 used needles...some have slight surface rust and or wax build up but could be cleaned, sharpened a re-used? Mostly size 6 with a few 5s I think? In my other post I have a fully working Junker & Ruh SD28 with needles for sale.
  5. Up for grabs is my trusty old Junker, perfect working order. Stitch length adjustment etc all works fine. It comes with.... Rare edge guide plate. 8 x Nr5 needles 10 x Nr8 needles 3 x bobbins Original parts tin with a few bits in it. An original old hire purchase a document. I've also got an original English manual which will be included if I can find where I put it! Open to sensible offers in Pounds sterling and happy to ship international from the UK....Buyer is responsible for any import duties/taxes. UK shipping £15 Europe £25 USA £60 .Canada £70 I will also be posting for sale a spare Shuttle/hook with 2 bobbins, a rare full width harness stitching plate with edge guide, a 5/6 needle strike plate and 14 used needles.
  6. That's not a rant....Tandy uk must sell the same screws as I also found the need to cut one of the many useless cross threaded screws in half and I think they invented a new "metal" to make them from...yet they still charge more than solid brass prices! The veg tan that I have bought when I have too is normally the wrong weight and very dirty surface plus a lot more cuts, bites and holes etc than I would expect for the price. It is a shame that Tandy have let quality slide so far but everyone has to do what they need to survive and maybe they had no choice but there prices should be much better. It seems that they have one stock delivery per year so don't expect them to have what you need when you need it and they have discontinued dye colours on me twice which is not good when you have photos and adverts running (yet those colours are still available in the usa?) Rant over ........ BUT.... on the positive side the service from all the staff at Tandy uk has been hard to beat and delivery is super quick(if in stock!) so for the hobbyist you can't beat the range they offer in the uk.....as they say, you pays your money and takes your chances
  7. I'm a resolene fan, never had any problems with it myself.....strange ( and very confusing) how everyone has different results from the same products....
  8. Careful cos resists don't work if you're using spirit dyes...if water based antiques etc then yes.
  9. You don't say what dye you use but....Make sure you polish off and dye residue first and let it dry after dying and between coats. Personally I stick with resolene as it totally seals it. If it's the flesh side that's leaking dye then use Eco pro dyes as they don't leak at all!
  10. A lad from my archery club also joined the army to get trained in black smithing/saddlery and it's working out well from what I've been told.....might be worth an enquiry for you?....
  11. I think you did well considering you were using a groover! How did the lacing work out....does it hold it on securely....in the first pic it looks like it would slip of you straightened the arm?
  12. Looks like a good job to me ....I'm sure whoever received em would have been happy.... keep it up and it'll should get easier.
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