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Hi everyone

My name is Paul , Although I now live in Hungary I am an English ( sort of ) saddler . I primarily make English style bridles - these are almost all bespoke pieces that are made after ' talking' to the horse owner and obtaining the horses head measurements.

I only use English bridle bends tanned in the UK and all of my work is completed by hand ( I do not own any machines ) I use traditional methods that were taught to me by a master saddler in 1992 , so I have had 18 years practice and still feel there is much to learn.

I have an informal buisness that goes by the name KV or Kis Vihar saddlery , Kis Vihar means - little storm - in Hungarian , We have chosen this name not only because it sounds good but because it is the name of one of our horses - Kis Vihar , the horse , was born on our farm on a stormy night in march of 2008 so hence his name .

I look forward to learning much as I can from this forum - I really want to learn about braiding so I can make my own whips and perhaps add this style of leatherwork to my bridle range.

I am also known as the Nutty Saddler - this is mostly because the other saddlers that I know , and the master who taught me , call me nuts for making some of the things that I do - especially my stitching , no one I know would even attempt to stitch at 16 or 17 stitches per inch , let alone do it on a regular basis as I do .

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