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  1. contact me if interested and ill give you the owners email address he has lowered price to $2200.00
  2. Big G

    Adler K205-370

    noticed a used adler K205-370 for sale in pottsboro texas. seller is not a member on lwn so i am listing for him please email me if interested, and ill give you his phone number ,
  3. there has been two instances of customers shooting themselves in the hand in okc within the last 3 months.. one customer was pushing a bersa into a new holster that was real tight and bang part of missing finger. he is supposed to be suing both gun and holster maker.. next one was in bass pros parking lot same thing fitting gun in new holstter while sitting in his car bang shot in leg
  4. you might be able to find someone with a wood or metal lathe that could cut to length. check with a local wood crafters store or a local vo tech school if you have one. if cut on a lathe you will get nice smooth straight ends
  5. seems to take 3 holsters for me to get stitch lines right. i always try to make them too tight the first try.
  6. i have the three mutts dremel powered burnisher, works great , not a lot of noise
  7. Big G

    Maul Hardware

    what is the plastic part of the maul made from, nylon delrin?
  8. thanks guys, tippmann is sold
  9. Big G

    Snap Backer

    high desert leather has them in their do it yourself section y
  10. academy sports sells quite a few realistic airsoft guns. these make good dummies 23.oo ea. h k p 30 , walther ppks s& w m&p 1911 ,hk usp
  11. a have found a adler 205 for sale locally. it is a german made machine and looks nice in photos. question, is it any better than the 441 copies, it is about the same price as a new clone but i will probably have to put a dc motor on the adler i mainly make holsters and belts . old story new machine customer service warranty or older machine no warranty. thanks
  12. are you using a leather tri point needle, seems to be a lot of what i call blowout on the back side
  13. congrats on the 1911/ my favotite i have been thinking about the same thing.. you could glue and sew 2 layers like a belt with a filler in between to round out the outside. 1911 grips are rounded not flat. inside filler would reinforce the mounting screws. filler could be kydex . by the way springfield leather will give you a piece of kydex to play with
  14. i have decided to buy a electric machine so my tippmann boss is for sale has all of the accessories and the factory table. located in central oklahoma. please email for more info
  15. i also just received a bag of elephant and a bag of ostrich. have not had time to do anything with it , but it has some nice pieces in them
  16. great looking holster . great gun i have the 380 version and plan on making a holster for it when i get time. hope i can make it as nice as yours, keep up the good work
  17. Big G

    Using Advertisers

    I placed my first order with SL today, talked to a very nice lady. waiting for memorial day weekend to visit with them in person
  18. wonder if you can use prewound bobbins in a tippmann boss? mine had one in the box when i bought it but i havent tried one yet. they usually hold more thread than you can wind on by hand
  19. you can get kydex from almost any plastic , plexiglass,lexan,abs , kydex at plastic supply houses . most will cut for you or you can score with a utility knife and snap it off. cope plastics is one supplier i know in okla city. added benefit is you can heat and mold for sheaths and holsters etc.
  20. if you live in a large city you should be able to buy auto or interior upholstery leather at a wholesaler. if you live in a small town check with a local auto upholstery shop, they should be able to order for you. use a high density foam. nothing worse than having your backside bottom out . if you have spare time build me one too
  21. great work as usual. i carry a 637 S&W without the shield the hammer will work on you after a while.
  22. look at the exploded view in the parts section on tippmanns web site. very simple design , very little to go wrong. 2 air valves and a quick exhaust valve to release. has a air bladder that inflates instead of a mechanical linkage and air cylinder
  23. a local belt maker puts a layer of kydex in between the two layers of leather . makes for a sturdy belt
  24. try sailrite.com , many fasteners are used in boating usually stainless steel
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