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  1. i have had my cobra for 1 yr this month , has the same model motor as yours , also the speed controller works just like yours . the display on my motor displays rpm, i usually sew at 600 rpm. i noticed yours displays 1-?. probably some way to change display. i have had my cobra for 1 yr this month , has the same model motor as yours , also the speed controller works just like yours . the display on my motor displays rpm, i usually sew at 600 rpm. i noticed yours displays 1-?. probably some way to change display.
  2. when i received my cobra it was way out of time ,, steve walked me through timing it. took a little trial and error to get it right . mine doesnt have much variation in speed with the pedal , but i dont sew fast either. like you i was sewing on a tippmann. i was comfortable with a little more speed. hope you find a answer . i sew at around 600 rpm on holsters. little higher on belts i am sure steve will help you
  3. check you tube, my wife learned how to make the bracelets there
  4. Big G

    Belt Sewing

    try grey ghost graphics, i think they can make you a template , like tandy craftaid
  5. received mine today , thanks for the fast shipping
  6. a couple of weeks ago i drove to springfield leather , wanted to personally select some hermann oak , great store and real nice sales people. i have ordered some things by phone before and service was great. but after a 5 hr. drive i was directed to 5 or 6 rolled up sides under a table full of mexican import hides. i didn't even bother to unroll them they were rolled so tight. was dissapointed to say the least but i guess i should have called before i left home. if you get a chance to go to springfield , it is a great place to visit and they are currently expanding . still managed to buy a few supplies i needed.
  7. ill take the pm9 kahr 380 kahr 380 crimson trace lcp let me know how you need pymt. thanks
  8. Big G

    Suspender Elastic

    i was at springfield leather last weekend and they had 2" x 20 meter black on sale for 5.00 if they still have any. nimm jaegerband is the brand
  9. i dont think most customers recognize the development process involved. even after purchasing a dummy it takes me three tries to get a holster where i am happy with it. i use cheap bellies for my trial fittings.i have my own guns and a few airsoft replicas i use for forming, i dont have a website , and make holsters to support my addiction . if i was full time builder i would invest in the blue gun and charge a small custom charge. dont think a customer would care about the extra charge
  10. i use cheap belly for my first and second holster when trying a new pattern .. usually get thrown away anyway
  11. particle , i had the same problem with the stohlman buckle. i just bought a oval punch ,size 9 1/4 in. after reading your post i used it to re punch my round holes and it is laying much flatter. with a little use i think it will be fine. thanks for the incentive.
  12. o when i received my machine i was told to only change speeds with the motor running or it would change the direction of the motor. try to call steve at leather mach co. id bet he will answer, maybe he can explain
  13. springfield leather has .06 kydex and .093 @ 4.75 sq ft. i am going to buy a 1 ft. x 4 ft piece next week and have it cut on a sheet metal shear in narrow strips. let you know how it turns out. a friend at a local plastic supply shop said abs plastic sheets tend to crack in cold weather but kydex will not?
  14. sail rite has the press n snap on sale now for 35.00 off 114.00 after disc
  15. had the same problem with mine , lifting leather, problem was tension and i oiled the machine as well. tension is easy to mess up and hard to get back i found out. i bought cheap bellies at tandy and cut into strips. quite a few went flying into the corner of my basement before i got the tension right. i decided i was going to get it right without bothering steve, probably a mistake but i learned a little. i had to readjust the timing several times and was afraid to tighten allen bolt too tight , but since i really cranked down on it it has stayed in time
  16. got my cobra sewing like a champ , tandy has veg tan bellies $10.00 bought 2 and cut into strips to practice on
  17. steve still having a little trouble with mine , my fault i think . will call when i get time , gary okc
  18. i had a boss and now have had my cobra for about 2 weeks. tippman gave me excellent service and walked me through any problems i might have had. most were caused by me. steve has also given me excellent service so far. that being said it sure is nice to have both hands free. cobra will go as slow as the boss if you turn the speed control down. also i will not have a machine without reverse. get the best machine you feel comfortable spending your hard earned dollar on
  19. i received mine a couple of weeks ago . sure beats my old tippman boss. still in the learning curve
  20. could you add me to the adult section please
  21. if you live near a gasket shop they can make you lots of them if they dont have some in stock that will work
  22. i got mine last week, have not tried to sew yet, when you get yours have help around to mount the head to the table. its heavy
  23. machine is in north texas email owner tim.rein@sbcglobal.net he has pics he can email. i just bought a cobra or i would have tried to deal on it
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