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  1. KAYAK45

    I'm Having An Affair

    Really nice looking ride! Good choice on the sewing machine as well! I LOVE mine, you will too. Sorry to say though you will not make a good leather worker. Way too neat a shop area. You gotta clutter it up, make it really messy and have STUFF all over,to be a REAL LEATHER GUY. HAHAH Again though, good choice on the machine and happy stitches. Kevin PS: Shots to the right and low is a "scwease" issue. Use your finger tips and surprise the firing. PPS: Were the HELL is the spe;l; check?
  2. KAYAK45

    Which Motor Type For A Skiving Machine ?

    YES, there are a couple reasons for one/other. And then NO. I already called my "go to guy" BOB @ TOLEDO, about your same question. Go clutch! Cost..lots of options from people switching to servo. No need for speed control on a skiver. Everybody else wants to SLOW.. a clutch for sewing..a skiver works better at higher speed. Put on BIGGER pully and get the correct speeds for less dollars on the skiver. A Servo, on the other hand, does not use a lot of power when not in use. A real plus. So.. if you do not want to turn it on/off use a Servo. If you want to use it wisely and cost is a factor, use a used clutch. My answer was to use my older clutch for the skiver and buy more Servo's for sewing! Kevin
  3. KAYAK45

    Starter Machine

    I'm going double down on what Ken said. There is so much to learn about holster design, leather purchasing, finishing and selling for a profit, to name a few of the obstacles ahead of you, to be a HOLSTER MAKER, that a machine should be far in the future. I did the wrong thing and bought ALL the correct machines, spent literally hundreds of hours learning to use them and THEN started making holsters. WRONG WAY! Make holsters by hand, finished to perfection,sell them for a profit, and then when you are too busy to sew by hand...and making way to much money to stop...THINK ABOUT buying a sewing machine. The stitching of a good holster, on a machine, is probably the LEAST MOST IMPORTANT THING to learn. Make ..say..thirty.. by hand..THEN.. post again. Just my thoughts. Kevin
  4. If you want to build a small "Paint Booth" or "Glue Booth" be advised almost all fumes are heavier than air and a bottom collection system, vented outdoors will be the best. How do I know this? Check the OSHA fines I paid for a top vent paint FUME RECOVERY system that cost thousands and was ruled INOP by our Federally friends. Really, it was proven to me that the fumes are heavy and can collect in low areas of a shop. This is not only a BREATHING problem, but a potential SPARK problem around flame (furnace/water heater?) as well as ELECTRICAL SPARK (air compressor on floor?). Kevin Good luck all. !
  5. KAYAK45

    How To Make Chaps DVDs

    Well it's two years later! Wear is the shotgun video? That quote was October 2010! ................. Kevin.............I grow weary!
  6. Hello, Goooodmorning an thanks for the upgrades. I know it's a work in progress, isn't always? Suggested change/addition while we are at it. Knot that your plate isn't full enough. LOL FABRICATION: We have sewing leather and Leather Sewing Machines, NOW! How about: Sewing of Leather Hand/Machine, Leather Sewing Machines, AND.....Other Fabrication Machines! We have Skivers, Presses, cutters and strapping machines, burnishing, finishing and Molding machines, templates and Jigs, ETC,ETC,ETC! Why knot a place for those alone?????? Just a thought...while your at it. HAHA! Thank you , really Kevin
  7. KAYAK45

    2012 Ifolg Show

    Why it's at the Millennium hotel, You old fool! You know were that is don't you??? Neither do I! LOL Could use a town listing on the website, EH? MIght make it easier to attend??? Kevin
  8. KAYAK45

    Fight A Wife!

    Never Fear Life Choices. Twin Oaks did me a favor! New 7" post machine arrives Thursday! Just what I needed to do the wood blinds! A little paint spill, a couple worn sandpapers, and Voila! Like new, well really new, Blinds. AAANNNDD a new machine. So what, the blinds cost $1,200, including the machine. What a great bargain! THANKS MIKE! Kevin
  9. KAYAK45

    I Dont Like Change Not One Bit !

    Much better! I know it's a work in progress, and yes progress is being made. Thank you for all the hard work to keep this site up and relevant!!! THANK YOU.
  10. KAYAK45

    I Dont Like Change Not One Bit !

    The new top banners with the Finders that support the site is great! Almost all the color combinations are good too! ALMOST. The ORANGE BACKGROUND has got to go. White was OK, and still is! MY $.02. Kevin
  11. HAHA! There is no secret COBBLER SUPPLY! Really in this age everything is on the WEB. Maybe, because you are trying to do something new, you will have to search out new sources as well. The tried and true resources are for those who follow the path, from those before us! Some call it following the "DEAD MEN" Being a PIONEER means, by definition, you will get arrows in your back. Keep going! Let us know how the project goes on. Kevin PS: Read what the DEAD MEN had to say, before you venture into the unknown.!
  12. KAYAK45

    Are There Any Major Differnces?

    To the question of the ORIGINAL POST: NO! All else is service and advice. You get that from Steve @ Cobra, Bob @ Cowboy, and Ron@ Techsew! Pick the guy you like/or is near. I like my cowboy 4500, AND the advice on my Singers. You do what you need to do! Kevin
  13. KAYAK45

    Wanted, Older Post Sewing Machine

    Bought a used Seiko. No longer looking. thanks for the PM's. Kevin
  14. KAYAK45

    Fight A Wife!

    OMG! You are really ahead of me! I bow to you, OB1. I NEED A CAMPBELL. to do this! Thank you, oh guided one.! I will do the kitchen NOW, with your guidance! thank You, Devine one! Kevin, LOL!
  15. KAYAK45

    Fight A Wife!

    So she wants to repare/ replace the old 1" BLINDS IN THE kitchen. Why don't you just re-build them? She asks?? I say, too much work!\ She says, isn't that what your SANDER, Boot finisher, AIR PAINT BRUSH, THREAD, sewing machines are for? Etc. Is for! Help me exlaine all these machines are not for household duty????? LOL She does not understand! HELP! Kevin HAHAHAHAHAH