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  1. Hi Chancey the tune's are just awesome very good, U are very talented!!!!. Damn U do world class leather work, painting and now Jam's the all around artist it's just awesome.U have a old biker fan from North Carolina now!!! thanks for all the post's keep it up. Is there a chance to maybe buying some recordings of other Jam's U have done. Thanks Hauss
  2. Since You are in Canada probably the best thing to do would be to call Ron at Tech-Sew and check on a used machine it will be ready for leather here is his web site http://shop.raphaels...sewing.com/ he will help You out.
  3. Hi I am not a expert on sewing machine but that is not a unison or combo feed maybe some one else will chime in but I wouldn't buy it! and Welcome to the LW! Mike
  4. Where do You get those glue pots at never seen them before!
  5. Hi I don't know a lot about the adler 467 but what I have read they are built like a tank and make a great stitch maybe one of the Experts on here will chime in. Mike
  6. Hi Brian just looking at your and Bill's profile U are about 2 1/2 hour ride to where he is see if he has time to help and take a ride maybe both of U end up with another good friend! It's just a thought
  7. Hi where are U located and how much do U want for it Thanks Hauss PS pic would be nice
  8. Hauss

    Consew 206Rb

    Hi I am on east coast to much to ship thanks
  9. Hi how much and where are U located. thanks Hauss

  10. Hi all I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Crawford linen thread and if 18/4 cord would be heavy enough for hand stitching Thanks Hauss
  11. Hi Luke that is what his profile say's I hope all is well for Him and his Family. That was a very bad storm that hit there. Have a good day Hauss
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