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  1. I am having problem edging 2 to 30z leather with my current edger..looking what size edger is good for doing thin leather..and perhaps what brand for a reasonable price range.. Thank you
  2. craig h


    Would like info on what edger and size to use on thin leather..around the 2 to 3 oz leather...a senior with fixed income... Thanks..Craig
  3. I wonder why the old foot pedal power...like the first sewing machine haven't been designed for leather stitching.. Or have I missed something on the market now. Craig h
  4. How do I avoid tiger thread from twisting and lay flat while hand stitching? I seem to have the thread lay twisted in the groove sometimes..is it just me? Thanks....Craig
  5. Can you or how do you dilute Fielbings oil dye to make the color a lighter shade? I'm wanting to make the royal blue a lighter shade if possible. Will denatured alcohol do it. Thank you.....Craig
  6. What is the best book to purchase to learn leather braiding? Thank You.....Craigh
  7. I wish to add to my limited leather skills how to add leather center braiding to my belt making. Would like info what thickness of leather strips to use ...technique ...any helpful information . Thank You....Craig h
  8. Chief.....could you send me some dimensions for the sizes in making my first mandolin strap...I admire your work and follow you on utube...very helpful....thank you. Craig h
  9. I am in search from all of you for a pattern or template to make a mandoline strap for a friend. Are atleast the measurements and peg hole sizes...any info would be most helpful. Thank all of you...Craig
  10. I am a newbie and making a belt for a friend who wants it colored light purple. I am using Angelus brand dye...but after diluting it with rubbing alcohol it remains to be dark(almost black) . I want a light purple result...any advice would be welcomed and appreciated. Thank You...Craig h
  11. I would like make a cuff and mount or inlay my old dog tag...I need suggestions ..I would not like to use rivets through my dog tag if possible. Any suggestions will be thankful ...I am novice .
  12. That's something I would be proud of.....job well done! I don't know how long you have been doing leather work but you did a nice job on this one.
  13. Thank you Mike for the lession...I am a retired senior trying to learn leatherwork and would like to learn holster making. In your opioin which book would be best to purchase to lean the art of holster making..I want to spend my dollars in the right way. Thank you again..Craig h
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