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  1. This is a topic I've been thinking about since I stumbled across the Punctured Artefact website a few months ago. Tonight is the first time I've actively looked for info on the technique though. That's how I found this thread. Some interesting observations. I also found this video... which just raised more questions, but I thought you all might like it.
  2. Nice work! I like the opening. Unique and functional. I've had a briefcase/laptop bag bouncing around my head for a while I should get going on. Hopefully it turns out half as nice as yours.
  3. I would also love to see how you do that. My reaction when I looked at the picture was a little like immiketoos avatar. Thanks for sharing.
  4. This poor little stagehand couldn't afford a work of art like that. The theatre business just doesn't pay that well. But, I didn't get into it for the money. It does afford me lots of time for hobbies like leather working and photography though.
  5. I've seen leather grips on bikes before, but they've all been done up with a baseball stitch. And on "townies" that you wouldn't dare climb a hill on. I can see how the ridge would give a better grip. Being the master woodworker you are, you should have a look at these bikes. http://www.renovobikes.com/
  6. This bag... and your others... have given me some good ideas for a laptop bag I've been wanting to make for myself, but keep putting off because I can't quite wrap my head around how to go about it. Thank you for the inspiration. Your bags are cool, but not as cool as your Liquor cabinet. That is as much a work of art as a piece of fine cabinetry! Truly awesome.
  7. Thanks David. And Bob... ditto what David said... thanks for the clarification. That could have been a little embarrassing. LOL
  8. Thanks for the tips and pics Bob. The next pair will have more of those details. I just wanted to keep it simple for the first try. I also had no idea there were left and right handed zippers. That would sure make that one side easier to zip. LOL
  9. That's awesome! I love the shading around the skull and flowers. Did you aribrush that?
  10. I have a friend that trains horses, and she needed some working chaps. Nothing fancy. So after looking at about a thousand pictures of shotgun chaps and measuring her up, down, sideways, and diagonally, I made these. Entirely my own design. Though I'm sure there's nothing original about them. I just didn't use any patterns. Now that they are done there are a few things I would do different next time. The zippers are a little too far to the rear, and are hard to reach. They need to come around to the outside of the leg about an inch. I would also make the cut out at the inside of the leg a bit lower, and have it stay lower around the back. Maybe put the top of the zipper a couple inches lower. Overall I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. My first garment of any kind. My friend is super stoked. And that's what matters, right? Some details... Legs are 3 oz. upholstery leather. Sides of the yoke are 6-7 oz. veg tanned, hand stitched to the leg. I don't yet have a machine that will do that. Back and front belt parts are 2 layers of 4-5 oz. Also hand stitched. Conchos and buckle are from Tandys "Diablo" set. Thanks for looking. Jason
  11. Stuff I'm happy enough with to show off
  12. The movie was "Face Off" Jason. Nicolas Cage had a pair of gold Springfield 1911s he carried in a double SOB rig. Both guns were vertical though. There was no space between them. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/File:FO-Gold1911s-1.jpg Actually it looks more like two holsters just pushed together, but still cool. Dave... Nice job! This looks great. I like the triangle between the guns. Better angle to draw I would think. And the carving looks pretty bad ass in there.
  13. Thank you! As they say... A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of my setup. So here is a short description... It's a piece of white art paper clipped to the side of a box to form a seamless background and a strobe on a boom arm with a shoot through umbrella pointed straight down about 2 feet over the table. I exposed for the object on the paper (holster, sheath, etc.) then in Photoshop Lightroom adjusted the highlights to make the background solid white and adjusted the shadows to get a solid black. Photography has been a hobby for nearly 30 years. Leatherwork... 10 months. I'd be happy to go into more detail if you like.
  14. I posted these in the "Show Off" forum a while back, but then figured I should have put them here. The black one is just a simple holster for my Ruger 22/45. Colored with "vinegaroon" or "vinegar black" The sheath I made for a friend that got this cool looking knife for his birthday, but it came with the cheapest leather sheath imaginable. I just couldn't stand looking at that thing, so... The other holster I made for another friends Colt .22 Auto. He wanted a high ride, lined, avenger style rig, molded just enough for good retention. This one was a challenge. That little gun has a mag release that is not only in a weird location, (above and behind the trigger on the right side) it sticks out about 1/4 inch. Further than anything else on that side of the gun. Since he is left handed that puts it right under the belt loop. If he was right handed I would have just molded a channel for it like you would a front sight. Since a molded channel under the belt loop would eventually get crushed and start ejecting the magazine my solution was to gouge a channel inside the holster almost all the way through the leather. I then had to stitch the lining down around the channel, burnish it and dye it black to match the lining. Some of the dye soaked through the stitching though. That's what that mess under the belt loop is all about. Enough typing. Pictures!
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