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  1. bushpilotmexico

    Tension issues?

    Does thread make a difference? 90% of my sewing with my Cobra 4 is using black or brown 277/207 bonded nylon. When I switch to white 277/207 that I bought from the Leather Factory the bobbin thread comes to the top. I can decrease top tension and increase bobbin tension but no luck. I can then replace white with brown 277/207 and it sews perfectly.
  2. bushpilotmexico

    New Work Boots

    Are you self taught or did you take some classes? Nice work, I envy you.
  3. bushpilotmexico

    Black Rose SAA holster

    Looks great...I have always wanted to carve leather and wish I had the talent.
  4. Here are a few close ups, as always the close ups show not only the detail but the "Persian flaws" slight mis-stamping, etc. Better next time (:
  5. I'll try and take some close ups of the cylinder pouch and possibles bag. I appreciate all the +'ve comments.
  6. I decided when I made the belt, because of problems in the past with sizing, that I was going to make the tongue extra long. This belt will fit a 37" waist thru to the last hole which is 46".
  7. Just finished this rig, the holster fits the 1851 Colt Navy, the 1860 Colt Army and all conversions of these pistols. Made all the patterns up myself after looking at various photos on the Internet just to get some ideas. It has a spare cylinder pouch and a small possibles bag attached.
  8. Just finished this small cross body bag. I got the pattern from http://www.leathercraftpattern.com/leather-downloadable-patterns/Leather-bag-patterns/leather-bag-pattern-vegetable-tanned-leather-bag-patterns-cross-body-bag-pattern-bag-sewing-pattern-PDF-instant-download-ACC-05 for $6.99. It was downloadable and I printed it out on my Canon printer. As always being the first one it has the Persian flaw and was a learning lesson. I had to sew most of it by hand with the exception of the straps, the Cobra 4 made easy work of those.
  9. bushpilotmexico

    Concealed Carry Bag

    I appreciate your comments. Thanks, Cliff
  10. bushpilotmexico

    Concealed Carry Bag

    Hi Tom, The bag is made of 7/8 oz leather except for the gusset which is 2/3 oz and all pieces including the gusset are lined with 2/3 oz leather. Lyman had his article in the Sept/Oct issue of the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal and said that he got the idea for the concealed carry bag from the 2015 May/June issue where Bob Klenda wrote about instructions for a "saddlebag style purse". Lyman modified the design to make it look more masculine and deepened it to accommodate his S&W model 686. Inside the purse sewn onto the back panel is a piece of 6-8 oz leather shaped to take the belt clip which he sews onto the back of the holster designed for his S&W. Living in Arizona he writes that he prefers to carry his pistol in the bag rather than concealed on his hip.. Personally I own a Glock Model 17 so I intend to make a holster to fit it. Cliff
  11. bushpilotmexico

    Concealed Carry Bag

    I appreciate all your positive comments. I have learned so much from my fellow members of Leatherworker.net, all your help, comments and tips since I joined have been much appreciated.
  12. The late fall issue of the Leather Crafters Journal had an article written by Lyman Avery and an enclosed pattern for his concealed carry bag. Finished it up last night and generally pleased with the way it turned out. Every project is a learning experience. I intended to sew the complete bag with my Cobra 4 but as I started to piece it together realized that I would have to hand sew the gusset to the front and back panels. Not overly pleased with how the antiquing turned out but the general finish seemed to work out OK.
  13. bushpilotmexico

    Holster Patterns

    Thanks for bringing that to my attention guess I fliped the pattern backwards when I drew up the double pouch design.
  14. bushpilotmexico

    Holster Patterns

    Once again muchas gracias for the patterns....just finished these up. I took the liberty of extending the mag pouch pattern to accommodate a double and added the accent piece with the basket weave.
  15. Finished the buscadero belt today and used Bianchi's technique to slide the back flap through the slot.