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  1. Wow, thanks so much for the respond! I no longer have an excuse not to do this project! Biglew, I have searched the forum, but was unable to find it - can you point me in the right direction? Only if it is not to much of a hassle for you of course!
  2. Really nice! Did you get to try it out? Is it plan nails you use to attach the leather to the wood?
  3. Thanks for all the great answers! I now use resolene 50/50 and its a great help. I have heard great things about the feibing's oil dye, but I can't get here in Denmark. But I will try some new waterbased dye my supplier just got. Again, thanks!
  4. I am having problems with mine. I think my (top craft)-wannabe-dremel is going to fast, even at the lowest setting, as the leather gets dark and leather hair sticks out. How many rpm does your do, when you are burnishing?
  5. Lovely! Usually I glue the pieces together, stitch them and the apply the finish coats. But the black dye gets on the thread and colors it. So now, I have removed the stitches and applied the resolene as you told me to (I can already see the big difference now !), but my treatment it breaking the glue (because I want the resolene inside the cardholder) What method would you recommend I should do on the next similar project? Dye -> glue -> stitch -> resolene? I am wondering if I will experience the same problem with the discoloring of the thread as before, with the new approach you learned me. And, should I finish the inside with resolene as well?
  6. Cyberthrasher, once again, thank you! How many coats? And how long should I let it dry between the coats? How do you apply it? With a wet sponge?
  7. I thought i had it under control, but I am in desperate need of help. Its a cardholder. I dyed it black (sprite-based dye, 3 coats), let it dry over night, buff it, applied satin sheen (two coats) and buffed it (no dye is coming of). But, when I buff it with a wet cloth, the dye comes off. I cant have the dye coming off, it will ruing the clothes. What I am doing wrong? What I am to do? How can I seal this? I have leather grease, satin sheen and Resolene at my disposal. (I try to avoid resolene due to the shine it gives) This is my first real commission and I really want it to be perfect, and I am suppose to ship it out tomorrow! Any help is deeply appreciated! /Nicklas
  8. Thank you both so much for your responses! Once I get the chance I will try it out! Really looking forward to it!
  9. Hi, I have tried to master the techniques of the dyeing and paint job in the photo attached. I believe that the green-tooling coloring is made by first applying a light layer of green dye in the tooling and then more green to the raised areas by a "dry-brush"-technique. I can get it to work, but I am not able to get the light green color somehow? The gold paint on the border is troubling me. I tooled it and then I blocked the raised areas with resolene (5 coats!). The gold paint stayed in the impressions after I wiped it with a clean cloth, but unfortunately some gold "glimmer" remains in the raised areas. I tried with both cheap and expensive gold paint, and I tried with a dry and a wet cloth. What am I doing wrong? One thing that I am totally at a loss, is the green "marvel"-like effect. Do anyone know how that is made?
  10. Thank you both for the kind responds! Alas, I do not own a airbrush. I will try with the light pressure Cyberthrasher, I think it might work. I can understand your confusion, for I now see that I used the word in a wrong way. I meant to apply a finish after I have antiqued the project. Thank you so much for clarifying! I am learning something new every day it seems. Best regards Nicklas
  11. Hi After I have applied a coat of antiq finish I want to seal my project with resolene to give it some resist. But when I do the resolene is taken a fair amount of the antiq off my project. The finish result is not what I want. Is there a way around this? Best regards Nicklas
  12. Wow! Thank you all so much for the answers! I am going to acquire the different things I need for a tryout. Will post pictures if I succeed. And thanks Kate, for the detailed walk trough! If you get the chance, please post some photos. Best regards Nicklas
  13. Hi! In an old tread, people talked about how to do leaf embossing and block dyeing. I ran into a problem and was hoping that someone might help me. I am not able to make an leaf impression on the leather. I made the leather wet, put the leaf on, placed many heavy books on it and let it dry over night. But this morning, only the trickes parts of the leaf was impressed on the leather. What I am doing wrong? Best regards Nicklas
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