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  1. That’s really nice! I wish i could have brown leather on my bike, i much prefer it to black. I’m hoping to try my hand at seat making in a few months but busy making pillion bags right now. Love the look of yours.
  2. Ooo this looks interesting! I already own a foredom for silverworking, one of its heads is a hammer attachment for setting stones, this is a similar set up. Looks good!
  3. I’ve resorted to using a cushion under my marble slab and sitting them on my knee while sitting on a sofa. The cushion raises it up enough to be more comfortable on the neck too. I’ve given up trying to use a table, they all sound horrific
  4. I know this is an old thread, but has anyone tried that device above in real life? After a couple of years break, i’ve decided to sod the neighbours, to a certain extent. All they do is argue and slam doors on a daily basis so i’m starting to think fu*k it and get the old hammer out
  5. Sod the neighbours, they’ve had enough peace and quiet over the last couple of years. Time to get back in the saddle :)

  6. I feel your pain. I haven't been on this forum since at least last summer i think as i've had a forced separation from leatherwork because of appartment dwelling noise issues. Last year i had a neighbour who was increasingly staying at home below me, it was getting really frustrating starting something and sometimes having to stop for a week at a time, or quickly grabbing hammer time when her car was away for a short while and then having to stop again. She then left (hopefully not because of me) and then another dude moved in who is also always home! That combined with neighbours on my floor where we can hear each other talking indoors from across the hall leaves very little play time :-( I was so frustrated sitting around i ended up learning silversmithing as it was quieter to fill in times when i couldnt leatherwork... And this has taken over my spare time (for now) I now keep overhearing the neighbours moaning about the smell, from soldering. Can't win :-( But the best i came up with for leatherwork was a poundo board under a granite slab that i'd place on my legs while sitting as my desk is too noisy. I'd get a really sore neck after a while but it was the most quiet method i could find after trying the bed and the floor first and it saved having to constantly stop and start depending on who's car was in the carpark. Good luck with your quest for neighbour approval :-)
  7. I thought of that with the swing clasps but just couldnt figure out how to do it without adding a bit of a strap to them on the front to give them enough wiggle room to fit over the under clasp, coming in, if any of that makes sense. It would be awkward fitting the nobbly part under? There might be some simple way i'm completely missing but my brain just can't figure out the logistics of making that work lol without adding a bit of strap to them so they can flip over the nobbly bit. I'd been after those ring studs for ages! But couldnt get them anywhere, so got them sent from thailand on ebay. Have to say i'm not amused, i screwed them as tight as poss but one of them keeps loosening and because the back is embeded inside the spinal arrangement its hard to re-tighten fully tight. So its gonna work out a royal pain in the ass
  8. Thanks for the input! I hadn't thought of the swing clasps going 'down' by changing the bag strap over to the open side. I still wouldn't change it over though as i know its not a waterproof design but i wouldnt want to be carrying something thats directly open to the rain. I'd want the closed part on top. The cover folding all the way out is usually a must for me as its something i do too. Busy testing that out at the mo to see if it gets annoying.
  9. Thanks :-) the only way that would be possible is if it closed back to front ie. left opening but the way it is suits the thumb position perfectly for flicking open.
  10. This is 2nd attempt at sheridan style carving, I think my 5th or 6th attempt at carving in total but the other bits were small pieces and 1st attempt at double loop lacing (and all other lacing for that matter) This was a pain in the bum as I changed the design half way through from elastic corner holders to molded so it went from being a perfect fit to a tight fit when closed so my spine basket weave has been destroyed in the extra stretching to fit. Nice to use though and bag strap good for popping out to the park. It has a hidden magnet in the cover so that the kindle switches on automatically when cover opened and switches off when closed. I'm about to start a new one to correct all niggles with this one.
  11. Demented after a 6 week dry spell while various neighbours have been home for Easter etc.

  12. Thanks thats really helpful! They both look great :-) i might try the goat
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