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  1. Is the seat pan custom made? If not, where did you buy it?
  2. I have some money burning a hole in my pocket and was thinking about a 3D printer to make my own stamps. I was really wanting to print large stamps. I see that most are not big fans of the "kit" printers but they offer the printing size I am looking for at the best price. What is everyone's opinion. Buy a kit or save my money and buy one that fits my needs that's more plug and play? For the people that own a printer do you find yourself using it enough to make it worth it or would it be easier to just pay someone for stamps? Thanks.
  3. My first thought was that it is a stamp but was not 100% sure. Do they make a flat background tool that could give the same effect?
  4. I have found this seat on facebook. I did not do the work. Credit goes to a Nasty Leather (That is their facebook page). How is the flat/smooth background done? Several of his seats have the same old school logo on it. Is that a stamp that he had made or is there a tool I can use to get the same results?
  5. What weight leather do most use to make a knife sheath? 5-6 is what I was thinking but not sure. Opinions?
  6. Did you laser burn the leather then dye it or dye it then laser burn it?
  7. Excellent. Thank you. I will keep the conversion chart close by.
  8. What weight of leather should I order? I need it to be 1/8 inch thick.
  9. Others from Florida. lol Have any of you found any groups that get together on a monthly basis? I am pretty new to leather working and would not mind getting together with a group monthly or so to exchange ideas, tips and tricks. Learn Learn Learn.
  10. Look online or at swap meets. You can usually find some cheap/worn out articles of clothing/motorcycle seats or parts with really cool Harley emblems that can be used. Seems to work for me.
  11. Noticed some people have custom liners in there wallets and etc. most are business logos/makers mark type stuff printed on some sort of fabric. Anyone know how this is done and who does it?
  12. I have a customer that wants me to complete a project for him with alligator belly. He wants a spade in the middle of it. Stitched or embossed however I decide to do it. Is it possible to use a laser to burn the spade into the alligator belly? I have seen people do this to normal veg tan leather but what about animal skins?
  13. You molded the leather around the seat before you tooled it? Why would you not mold it after tooling?
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