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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Now that you explained that, I can see where hiding the screws would either create a weak loop or a loose belt loop, depending on the placement of snaps. Nice work and well thought out. I've been wanting to make one of these for myself. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Beautiful holster! My only thought is that it might be possible to embed the t-nuts in the back of the belt loop so the only screws would be inside the snaps and the loop would still be removable as you had wanted. Thanks, Bob
  3. Nice looking knife and sheath. I'm guessing this is for someone left-handed as I would like to grab the handle a little differently. I keep thinking of making a sheath for a knife but have only done holsters. Tip about the pics: if you are using a phone, you can email them to yourself and pick a smaller size to send resulting small enough images. Worked for me. Thanks, Bob
  4. Thanks for the nice comments! I was pretty proud of this one. There still are a few things I missed in my excitement to get it done: 1. Stitched the extra support leather after gluing the liner. Would rather have done that first to avoid the extra stitch line inside the holster. 2. Touched the holster before the atom wax had completely dried. :-| 3. I tried fiebings white glue instead of barges contact cement. I'm not sure which I like better. I liked that I could adjust it slightly to line things up but had more glue to clean up. An eraser did seem to work pretty well to remove the excess. I've still got lots to learn but I do enjoy it a lot. Thanks, Bob
  5. Definitely nice work on your first holster! What kind of finish did you use? Looks like maybe you did all but the suede in hot wax? My very first holster was similar only made out of old blue jeans and model glue because I was broke and going to college. I re-used the metal clip that came with a crummy nylon holster and it turned out great, although it wasn't leather. thanks, Bob
  6. 2/3 and 3/4 glued together, back to back. The resulting thickness would be about 5/7, except where the trim is added, would be somewhere from 7/10. The extra trim is another piece of 2/3. I think the overall thickness on this one was towards the lower end of the numbers because it resulted in a nice thickness for the back side (not too thick) and just what I had hoped for in the front. After the stitching was complete and everything dyed (interior and trim dyed before stitching) wet with warm water until pliable. Insert the gun (wrapped in plastic if concerned about the moisture). Start pressing the leather into shape. I used a bone to detail it and help form the sight channel. I taped a pencil that I had cut to size between the front and rear sights as well as aft of the take down lever, to provide appropriate channels for drawkng the gun. Some day I want to try stitching a nylon sight channel in place like some of the nicer holster makers do. This is only the 7th holster I've made so I am still learning. Thanks, Bob
  7. Fiebings choclate and rubbing alcohol 50/50. Maybe 4 coats or so. Fiebings Leather Balm atom wax. 2 coats. the leather balm will darken it a little Thanks, Bob
  8. A friend wanted an IWB holster for his new Sig. This is what I made. Thanks, Bob
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