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    looking for forums about the best skiving tools
  1. There is this great store in Chicago, that is hard to find but has great prices and selections. If you had specific materials in mind you might be able to give them a call and workout a deal with them. Here is their info : I Sachs -(312) 666-0091, 637 W Roosevelt Rd Chicago, IL 60607
  2. Hey Guys, I know this is a little off topic, but I wanted your input on what would be the best tool for skiving. I learned my techniques when I studied Shoemaking and I just started my own handmade leather purse company. Right now am using upholstery leather and skiving by hand with a leather skiving knife (Osborne 925). For my biggest purse, which is about 6 sqft of leather it took 3 hours and 30 blades to skive. I am wondering how professionals do it? Do they use something more similar to the skiving machine you guys are referring to? I am open to any suggestions. Thank you Gianina of http://www.well-loved.com
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