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  1. Very nice work, Samar! I absolutely love the wolf!
  2. Once again I am in awe as I sit and stare at your stunning craftsmanship! Fantastic work fgabesz! Thanks for sharing, it gives me something to work toward!
  3. It looks like you know a thing or two about knife making and leather working in Hungary! Those are beautiful sheaths for a beautiful folders!
  4. Nice work, Shakey. I too am curious about the thread and needle sizes. Is that the biggest thread you can use with the 29-4? I've been looking at them on ebay for a couple weeks. I'm still not 100% sure this is the right machine for me. It looks like it does a good job on the thicker stuff for you.
  5. Decided to make a phone sleeve out of something besides veg tan. I dug around in a remnant box and found some chrome tanned leather in a dark brown that is VERY supple. I was able to get the edges burnished despite everything I've read said that it can't be done. It was an interesting experiment! I think I will carry it for a while and see how the edges hold up.
  6. Nice work! I can't get over the edge work on the Bowie sheath, fantastic! Very unique yet simple design for the folder sheaths too. I might borrow that design for personal use! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Very nice work! Would love to hear more about how they were made and what materials you used. My wife asked me to make her a pair of leather flip-flops last year but I couldn't find enough information. Yours are exactly what she described! Thanks for sharing.
  8. How much are you asking for this stamp? What about a 1" x 1/2" maker mark? Can you make stamps in brass?
  9. Nice work! Are the straps stitched into the underside? If you don't mind me asking, how much are you getting for them?
  10. Nice sleeves! Where do you source your dies and how much do they run?
  11. Monica, Nicely done! I especially like the contrast in texture and color between the exotic and the smooth leathers. I'm a little reluctant to offer advice on stitching. But what I will do is share with you the process that works for me. My first pieces done with a stitching chisel were awful! I've slowly got to the point I can keep the lines straight (nearly) all the time. The process that works for me is as follows: 1. I mark my stitch line with an scratch awl, making a fairly deep impression. 2. I mark stitch position in the grooves left by the awl with the chisel. I press the chisel down firmly by hand to leave a highly visible and tactile mark. 3. I align the stitch line away from me, not side to side, to better control the angle of the chisel. 4. I position the chisel by letting it fall into the the divots I left earlier. 5. From this point on, my focus is solely on keeping the chisel perfectly vertical. I don't look at the mallet, only at the chisel. I don't try to hammer it through with one blow. I use multiple light and then medium blows. I take my time to re-position the chisel after each rap of the mallet. 6. I don't use a stitch groove on the front but I do apply a light groove to the back after it is punched. An example of my stitching can be seen in my album that I just posted in the Gallery section. Thanks, Bob
  12. I love the way the design, tooling and coloring turned out, it looks great! I can't wait to see it finished. Thanks for sharing.
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