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  1. Looks like bag stiffener. Used to give some structure to soft leathers when making purses or pouches between the leather and cloth liner.
  2. to smoothe the texture up a bit you could use a glass slicker. They are sold at tandy and springfield. Look up some videos on how to use them on youtube. You might be able to find something around the house to do the job of the slicker. A rolling pin would work. Just make sure to get the leather wet enough to compress the texture but not saturated or it won't hold as well. As for finishing before or after stitching - I've done it both ways and some will swear by one way or the other. Ultimately it depends on the look you want for your belt. Test on scrap first to be sure of the results!!
  3. I think the general response here is - If they charged you an extra $21 for their mistake on a separate visit, then it needs to be addressed. 1. It is illegal for them to do this. 2. who else are they going to do it to? 3. If they are willing to take from you for their mistake then they may take from you just because they can. Ever hear about those stories where some cashiers were hitting the extra $20 cash button when people were checking out then pocketing it? (This was not at Tandy BTW) It's the same principle here. New day - new transaction - they stole your money. Get Corporate involved and get your money back. Managers and employees like this is why Tandy is getting a bad rep.
  4. I'm sure you will find your answer with some combination of all 4 options. Could be a new employee pulled the order. Could've been in a rush due to the holidays. Could've just been simple mistake. Not everything I've ordered from them has been what I expected. But they are proving to be more reliable as time goes on. Calling in an order has worked better for me personally.
  5. I woulnd't use them for anything that would stretch and cause problems with the product. I'd limit it to small projects. Knife sheaths, Coasters, bracelets/cuffs, practice pieces (for swivel knife practice). I try to get the most out of every piece.
  6. Ordering a veg tan remnants pack usually gets a few different weights and quality of leathers. Its better than buying and trashing a shoulder or a side. Casing is an art in itself. I've done it several ways and settled on a method that works for me.
  7. Don't get discouraged!!!! It takes time. Ask plenty of questions, read the how to's on this site, and watch 400 more videos lol.
  8. I wish i had the time and the money to do that, would be a lot of fun. As long as we don't go plaid.
  9. I had not considered a travel trailer nor a horse trailer. Those are both options i should keep in mind. However, adding heat/ac to any trailer is fairly simple with a ceiling unit. I'll not rule those options out. Just add them to the list of possibilities.
  10. That had crossed my mind. They have lots of benefits but the problem is getting it into position. We have tractors at our disposal so it wouldn't be too difficult. we would just tear up the whole yard getting it where we want it. Moving it also becomes an issue if we ever decide to relocate. If I had to go this route I'd probably just buy a whole enclosed trailer and a semi to pull it. Then get my CDL (scary thought there).
  11. Zoning won't be an issue. Perks of living in a farming community. Ponies outnumber people in town. In-laws raise and show Shetlands. They have won tons of awards and recently featured on the cover of a magazine.
  12. We are renting from a family member so i'm sure a portable building would be ok if it came to it. Having the full shop at a show would be nice since repairs could be done quickly and on site along with cleanings or adding in some custom stuff.
  13. The house seems to be getting smaller and I'm in need of another shop. The bedroom I'm currently working out of just isn't cutting it anymore. So I've been looking at portable buildings, carport conversions, and enclosed car trailers as potential shops. I can't do a permanent building as a renter but i'm sure I can talk the landlord into a portable building. -- the portable building - betweeen $6 - $7k + options - 12'x24' basically 4 walls a floor and a roof. no insulation or wiring pre-installed so that'd probably add another $2k to do the bare minimum. I would also have to pack water in and out along with anything that shouldn't freeze in the winter if i don't keep it heated. -- carport conversion - cost unknown (haven't looked into it very close yet). This was offhandedly mentioned and I've heard of others trying it out. I'm not liking the idea having to build up the walls and potentially have to walk on gravel till i could get a floor built. Sealing it against the elements is another issue. Not the preferred way in my mind unless someone can give knowledge of their own hands on conversion. -- enclosed car trailer - between $7 and $9k + options the thought with this is if i start going to shows I could pack the entire shop up and set up on site and have everything at my disposal. Power would be required in this case so i'd need to add a generator before I start being mobile. a 24 or 30 foot trailer would be preferred. some come with lighting already ran so i'd just need to run some outlets and some extra lighting in the tooling/cutting/finishing areas. Most of these already have some form of insulation in the walls so heating would be much easier and lower cost. a small propane heater would be adequate with proper ventilation. The biggest issue with this investment....i don't own a truck to pull it but plan to with my next vehicle. Borrowing one is no problem as both my Father and Father-in-law have an extra farm truck that could be used. I don't plan to start going to shows for a while so it will probably sit for at least a couple years. I'm open to suggestions, thoughts, and concerns. I can't stay where I'm at so its going somewhere. this purchase will be held off for at a minimum of 6 months i'd just like to be sure on what i get.
  14. The free shipping over $75 is great. I like to order through them and I try to get a large order ready to keep the shipping costs down. That is now much easier to do. Another plus is if you are an out of state shopper there is no sales tax applied (what I was told when making a phone order). Hope I get to visit them in person soon.
  15. Yeah the oil was warm and splashed me enough to soak the entire front of my shirt. A hot day in the summer so even wearing it to finish out that vehicle was enough to cause a rash. Probably not super dangerous but could cause discomfort over time. Potentially making someone or their pet sick. I'd only do it to a utility piece and if i was in a pinch. But, who can resist a good experiment? lol
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