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  1. Greetings looking for any feedback or thoughts I made this set a couple of months ago for a buddy of mine. The pocket watch was almost 1" thick, I wrapped it in leather and then made this holder for it on his tank it replaced a busted dash piece on his bike. I really like the seat it turned out pretty cool and I used chrome tanned bison from Tandy and it didn't seem as slick as other leathers I worked with so I thought it would be help keep him in the saddle! thanks for any feedback, I'm pretty novice but am trying and learning. Regards, Darrin
  2. Tandy had to ship from Calgary as they didn't have stock in Mississauga. Yes I agree it’s best to see it in person especially from Tandy as they buy in such bulk they don’t inspect individual hides. I am looking at other suppliers. We are getting w and c leather options here so maybe I’ll look not that too. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Its not perfect but it's a phone pic so..... I dye with Cova white and when dry I wipe on brown brown antique stain the liquid type not the gel. Let it sit for a bit and then with a damp rag wipe it off. And yes practice first you don't want to mess up a great looking piece for sure! Nice work.
  4. hoping for some guidance, I purchased a side of Harness leather from Tandy on March 2 arrived today, when I open the box it's completely covered in white wax. Like it honestly looks painted on there, I buffed off a few spots and there are dark dots cover areas of the hide, they are all over the place as I buffed off other areas, there are some good gouges and scrapes and also some brand marks on it. It just looks awful. I will update this post with photos I took them with my phone and they are a bit slow in arriving via email! Is this standard? They hide was 305.00 so not cheap either. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you
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