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  1. Ken from Booth & Co contacted me after I ordered a dixon iron from his website to inform me he is out of Dixons. His website doesn't say it but he is carrying Blanchards now. They are made to order and take a few weeks to get them.
  2. What is the stitch per inch (SPI)you are using? The more SPI the smaller the thread normally. I typically use a higher SPI on smaller items such as wallets. .8 to 1 mm is fine for a finished look an feel. For wallets I use a 9spi pricking iron with .8 but 1mm for beefer items same spi. A really great video series on YT would be Armitage leather. Whether you use a stitching chisel or pricking iron he talks about this subject of thread size and spi in detail.
  3. I have found your work to be very refreshing. Thank for sharing all of it and I hope to see much more.

    1. rowneyart


      Thank you for your generous support. I will be uploading new work as I complete it.

  4. The prices look really good for the amount. Thank you so much for your reply guys. I will use them. I'll let ya know it turns out.
  5. I like it. Can't wait to see the improved pouch version. This looks very good.
  6. These look great! Nigel has inspired me to get to work on these too. I like your work. Joe that's a great idea. I'm gonna try that out.
  7. Thanks for the reply JL and Joe! I'm in the northeast USA. I'm hand stitching now. I really like the English saddle stitch and the work that Nigel Armitage does, so much so I sacrificed some comforts to get my hands on a Dixon pricking iron. The tandy glazed splits look horrid as a finished product. Not picking on Tandy, if not for them I wouldn't have ever tried this. I was looking at RJF leather. I haven't called him yet but will they split the leather and sell single shoulders you think?
  8. I've been leatherworking for a couple of years now and I'd like to upgrade from the economy leather I've been purchasing from Tandy. Fortunately I live nearby the store and have been able to hand select the single shoulders. But the economy quality is not acceptable for some of the finer leather projects I want to do now. They do have premium leathers but they seem to be a bit expensive and not much to choose from on sizes. I'd like to make some higher quality wallets, bags, purses. I'm just not impressed with the selection of leather at Tandy anymore. So I actually have to confess I feel I don't really know what I'm doing when it come to selecting quality leather. Is there a supplier that will sell single shoulders of higher quality. Most of what I'm seeing is double shoulders or full sides. I just don't need or can afford that much at one time at the moment. I'm looking for leather to makes wallets. I've been using 4-5 oz but that still seems to be a bit thick. The splits at tandy that I wanted to use for the wallet guts appear low quality as well. What can you suggest in smaller quantities? I'd love to be able to try some bridle leather but its way too thick and I don't have a splitter. Is there a company that any of you guys use that can help an inexperienced person like me. Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Do you know how much time you have invested in this piece? This is most impressive!
  10. Never mind Chief. You answered this question on you clutch purse post. Thank you.
  11. Very nice work! The stamping really makes the overall appearance look pro. Question for you Chief. Are using tan kote or a stain of any kind. I'm working a bible cover right now where I would like to keep the majority of it in natural tan color with some dyed areas and antiqued.
  12. I love the stitch work! I'm still working on that backstictch myself. I think your piece looks great!
  13. Ok I decided to pm Joseph Dixon here on the forums where low and behold he has listed a US contact. I'm finally getting me a Dixon iron! Booth & Co. out of Peabody, Ma. http://www.boothandco.com/index.html Send Ken Chapman an email at kenchapman@boothco.com He has been most gracious to me. Booth & Co have quite a bit to offer.
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