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  1. Oh!!! You all HAVE one.. that's huge.. ok yea let me map it and get my stuff together.. awesome!
  2. No, nothing.. I wish.. I actually put together a DIY clicker press from Harbour Freight, but it just never worked that well.. But still looking for anyone out there with a clicker!! Thanks Todd
  3. ahhhh!!! Ok, I didn't realize it came in perpendicular like that.. ok makes sense though so its not in the way of the fabric being sewn.. ok, back to the drawing board.. Thanks much!
  4. Hmmm.. you don't happen to have a picture of one installed do you?? I'm still at a loss.. It seems like the binder would go in front of the needle, feeding the tape into the foot to be sewn.. But if I install the binder next to it, it doesn't make sense to me.. Part of my problem is I've never seen one attached to a machine like mine!! Thanks again
  5. Ok.. I'm at a total loss here and can't seem to find anything online.. does anyone have a clue as to how to attach my binder to the machine?? Thanks for any help!!!
  6. Hi Does anyone out there have a clicker with some spare time that I could use? Willing to pay for the time.. Thanks!
  7. Love this thread, thought I'd keep it alive.. But the edge coat or dye.. I'm having a heck of a time getting a straight line.. I burnish and then dye/coat, but there are usually little hiccups here and there.. I've used a sponge, and then I just recently got this table top dyeing wheel from Tandy that works ok.. heck I've even tried taping off the leather to get a good edge but that's no good either.. Any tips out there? Thanks Todd
  8. Hey there.. I'm in Charlotte and would like to come up and take a look... Message me if you would.. Thanks Todd
  9. I'm basically having the same issue.. I just have a Consew 226.. your bobbin looks exactly the same as mine.. so let me know what ends up fixing the issue. Thanks Todd
  10. Awesome! Thanks Dwight, I appreciate the insight.. So many ways to think about this its great to hear ideas.. Anyone else have some thoughts? Thanks Todd
  11. Hey all.. I'm good with finishing the inside of seams on leather items, and good with finishing seams on canvas items.. But when I combine the two I run into issues.. I'm making a waxed canvas bag with a reinforced leather bottom.. and I want the seams finishing on the inside of the bag.. Does anyone have suggestions on finishing the inside seams? I could do a bound seam, but other styles that lay flat just won't work for both.. French seams, flat felled seams are great for fabric, too tough for leather.. Any thoughts? Thanks Todd
  12. Anyone seen these before? For the life of me I can't find a supplier.. I can find tons of regular copper rivets, but none of the jiffy, rapid, or double cap rivets.. Thanks Todd
  13. To add to this.. I can't stand when the pattern moves on me.. and it does it ALL the time.. I've experimented with small weights on the patter, but it still moved.. I was messing around in the garage and found some old, really fine sandpaper.. like 320 grit or more.. finishing sand paper.. and I glued it to the back of my pattern, and BOOYAH!! No more movement.. I just press down with my hand like normal and the pattern doesn't move at all.. AHHH, the simple pleasures!!
  14. Thanks everyone! I was able to fix my issues.. I really can't believe it honestly, but I did.. I figured out the correct positioning of the thread underneath the bobbin spring, and then I re-threaded the top side, and re-inserted my needle.. after all that I even adjusted my upper and lower tensions and now have a PERFECT!!! stitch.. I really can't believe it honestly.. I feel like I should open up my own sewing machine repair shop now! But I do feel more comfortable messing with the machine, and I appreciate everyone's support.. Definitely couldn't do it without all the stuff I've learned here.. Thanks!
  15. Well.. I got tension in the bobbin now. the thread wasn't all the way down in that spring.. so that helped but now I have a totally different problem.. its basically not sewing now!! the needle isn't catching the bobbin thread.. no idea on that one.. any help? the machine is basically just punching holes and the top and bottom threads aren't tieing together?? URghh
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