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  1. Made myself an evil clown themed weight belt. Been using it at the gym for a few weeks now and it's still holding up well. Photos aren't amazing but let me know what you think.
  2. Hey sorry for the late reply Goldberry I did use a resist after painting using acrylics I used Eco-flo super sheen and the antique was Eco flo brun fonce gel antique. The acrylics I bought off eBay I think they are for minutiae painting but I got a set of 150 different colours for super cheap.
  3. Love it like the natural build With the light and dark contrast. I'd play harder to wear the belt as well!
  4. Thanks. Got to find ways to make our off cuts and scraps useful. Cheers, I was worried about the colours being too bright before I antique everything but they turned out pretty good.
  5. I've been making this bag on and off since September due to work have only just managed to finish it.I'm pretty pleased with the lacing and the general theme of the bag considering I've had to put it down and pick it back up at a later date. It is based off a Tandy pattern I copied off one of their Magnolia bag kits (I think). Its also the first time I have used acrylic paints and they seem to have worked well. Have to wait to see how they handle wear and tear. Let me know what you think?
  6. Hey thanks for the replies. I tend to always think pieces don't look finished until they have also been back ground tooled as well, but like Dwight says not in all cases sometimes the simplistic designs are the best! If it does make a piece sell more easily and for a little more all the better. Chain how much is a little more as a percentage of a piece do you think?
  7. I'm about to start back ground tooling a piece I'm working on at the moment. Although aesthetically I think it will make it look better would I make the time spent tooling back if I did sell the item. it made me wonder if spending the time back ground tooling actually adds any value to an item for a non commission buyer? Does any one sell items that are similar with and without background tooling?
  8. Thanks for the nice comments. Do it! What have you been planning to use it on? I love his work I think the tessellations transfer over well to tooling I have been thinking of using his hand drawing a hand design for the next bag I'm making.
  9. Managed to finish my Esher inspired bag with a little help from some friends on the board: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=64976#entry421959 Its from a pattern which I took from a Tandy Magnolia kit I had bought and made previously. Really pleased with the finish product but I had an awful time lacing it. /
  10. Hi thanks for all the advice. Red Bear Haraldsson yes I way definitely doing my Yosemite Sam impression when I noticed the mistake! Hopefully my leather work will be good enough to steal one day. Wild Bill46 yes I think you are both right. 25B I think I'm going to Splice in a section and see if it looks alright. If it doesn't then I will be unpicking. I doubt I won't make a mistake like this again but I will try my best. JLSleather the Calf lace I have been using has had a lot of cracks in it unfortunately. I will cut out past the cracked area. Electrathon I'm not sure I understand what you mean about starting the lacing earlier? Thanks for the advice and praise.
  11. Hi, Ive been busy lacing a bag and haven't realised until I have finished a whole section that I have missed one lacing hole. This has caused a slight bulge in the bags panel. I don't really want to unpick the lace as it is about half way through two yards of lace. I think it would be better to cut the lace and splice in a section. If I do this does any one have any recommendation about how many holes above and below the missing lace hole I should go up to? Any help is appreciated. Thanks Jack
  12. Hi for the slots on the guitar strap I think I used a 5/32" oval punch to make two cuts, which I then cut straight lines to with a Stanley knife. The punches I have don't have a make on I bought them as a set of eight of varying sizes off ebay a long time ago. Either that or I some times use some wood working chisels using the same technique as the punches, depending if I want the edges to be round or square. I had a quick search on ebay and SET OF HOLLOW PUNCH TOOL comes up with a good selection the set I bought weren't expensive and have lasted a number of years and I have used them on a lot of projects. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.TRS0&_nkw=SET+OF+HOLLOW+PUNCH+TOOL&_sacat=0 Cheers
  13. Hey Pkay thanks for the advice I'll look into it. Cheers
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