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  1. Here is a small figure carving I did for a friend. Its on 2/3 oz leather and is the same size as a piece of printer paper. I don't have a photo of it dyed but I ended up going with a medium brown gel antique (which turned out a little too dark)
  2. It is a great resource for beginners. I subscribed a couple of years ago when I was starting leatherwork. I did a couple of projects and I learned some tricks. Nowadays I like to make my own patterns.
  3. This pattern is for a VERY SMALL stirrup bag. If you subscribe to the Leathercraft Library premium videos, there is an instructional video on how to make a stirrup bag. Attached to the video is a pattern you can download for a MUCH LARGER stirrup bag. I made this one a couple of years ago. Also if you are feeling crafty you can sit down with a pencil, ruler and some poster board and make your own pattern, It's a pretty simple design
  4. Molding is brilliant. I will have to go buy myself some c-clamps.
  5. I have noticed that people who aren't in the hobby don't seem to appreciate it fully. I had a guy ask me to do a carved/tooled spongebob belt for his son for $30. I politely told him to off. I have been offended several times by people trying to lowball my art.
  6. very nice braiding. I would have labeled the bombs 'F' 'T' and 'W'
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