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  1. lambchop

    Butt stitch with a machine?

    Merrow makes a butt stitch Sewing Machine
  2. lambchop

    Timing belt singer 108 w20 have to make it

    Mc Master Carr sells timing belts by the foot, if that helps. Dave
  3. lambchop

    Hitachi capacitor leaking

    W. W. Granger
  4. lambchop

    Measuring new v belt length woes

    Lenght of Belt = Distance between pully centers X2 + 1/2 Circumference of top pully + 1/2 Cirumference of bottom = Lenght of Belt if using correct belt width for pulleys
  5. lambchop

    Special edition? Cb4500

    I Bought the head, Can't wait to get it!