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  1. My first thought was that this was a Popular Mechanics plan.
  2. There is a name on the underside. I don't know if it is the maker or owner. Maybe the style of mark can help date this piece. Varney is a fairly common name in Maine.
  3. Yes, I'm pretty sure it is mostly white pine. Thanks for the guess!
  4. I don't, but the vertical boards are just parallel and spaced about 3/4" apart with 3/8" jaws on each side. It's not the most versatile set-up, but I mostly just do straps anyway.
  5. Me too! That was the largest attraction for me
  6. If it helps at all, this was the original loop that attached to the foot pedal:
  7. I saw this and had to buy it! Here it is all cleaned up and with new leather since the old leather was rotted out. Any idea what era it's from? There are lots of slot head screws and it's very beefy.
  8. I'm not only a woodworker but a leather worker as a hobby/for sale. My fancy has turned to steam bending wood and then it dawned on me that maybe steam could be used for wet molding leather. I've done a little wet molding, but it seems like the leather could be way more pliable if steamed just like wood is. Has anyone tried it?
  9. I was looking at "minimalist" wallets, and It occurred to me that all some people need to carry with them is one card, so I just had to make a gag card holder. Front side: Back side (That's not a monogram, it's the contents): It came out like crap because I forgot how to do basket weave and I'm not a hand sewing person, but if anyone gets a chuckle out of it, it has served its purpose
  10. The Arnold video was really good. I'm coming to appreciate him more and more except for his infidelities. He really worked his ass off and achieved more than I could ever dream of. Working hard isn't all there is to getting good at something though. I can't buy into the 10,000 hours theory. As a carpenter for 25+ years, I've seen years where I didn't learn a single thing even when I was exposed to people who tried to tell me how to get better. I remember the day about 5 years after I was told how to scribe and it finally sunk in. I was like, "Oh! So that's what he was talking about!" You've got to be ready to absorb some knowledge. You've also got to be exposed to different things to put them all together in your brain. Good teachers help, but experience helps even more. When I think of someone who lacked the knowledge but got good at something through practice, I think of Steve Martin and his banjo playing. Steve was not a natural musician, but he took lessons and practiced until he was good. Is he a talented musician? I don't think so. But is he a good banjo player? Yes!
  11. Awww.... Pepe le Pew was the most romantic cartoon character ever!
  12. Why would you want to tan your own leather when it's so cheap to buy? Tanning is a disgusting and labor intensive process. And as you already know, there is a lot to learn about doing it right. Trial and error isn't really a feasible way to learn how to tan cow hides unless you've got a huge trust fund. When I was younger, I thought I could do anything I wanted to do. That's what the "grown-ups" told me and what I believed. Now that I'm older, I've come to realize that it takes years to get good at something and there is a reason for apprenticeships in the trades. If you are serious about tanning, I'd recommend getting a job at a tannery and learn from people who know what they are doing.
  13. I see you are in Canada, so I wouldn't have a clue about what is required there. Have you done any tanning yet? I've tanned rabbit hides, and that was a pain. Maybe you could score a moose hide from a local hunter.
  14. Very cool! I figured they had something to do with the retail end of business.
  15. What on earth is a nail cup? I'm a carpenter by trade and have never heard of a nail cup. Maybe it's a hardware store thing...
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