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  1. Hey yall. I just finished my tobacco pouch with a Mexican braid. That sure does take a long time to make. This is my first attempt at doing it and I still have more to learn. I also had an unexpected but good thing happen. When stitching the flap I guess I was going very tight , it made a nice little cupping lid to hold and roll my tobacco. All in all i like it. Need to work on finishing it better and also adding new lace. I was doing most of it on the barge so I could not look up on how to add. I just improvised. Thanks for looking. Any comments welcome
  2. thank yall for yalls insight. I think I will stay away from them. might go with a snap or something. Thanks again
  3. Hey yall, I am about to make me another cell phone case for my note 4 and I am trying to find out if a magnet flap will damage or hurt my phone. I have done a little research on this and have come up with about a 50/50 answer. Some say it will damage my mother board and others say it will now. I will be using a rare earth magnet on the flap and a small piece of metal on the case. I am unsure if I should. I am hoping someone here is way smarter than I and can shed some light on it. Thank yall in advance for yall's answers. Jude
  4. I am by no means an expert, I am just getting into leather. But with that said, when using a sewing awl, I put my running end through the loop twice then pull the needle out like normal, the double pass through the loop will lock the AS or thread in. After that I back stitch at lease 1 hole, most times 2 holes. I hope this helps
  5. That is cool and simple. I was drawing up an elaborate one..... I am gonna use yours instead. Like
  6. As always you are awesome!!!! Thank you for using your GOD given talent and sharing it with us...
  7. Thanks. I am gonna try this week. I start my 9 day work week tomorrow so I dont know how much I will get done. I have a couple projects going now. It took me 4 days to get enough rest to go back to work. I need to win the lotto or start making money selling my goods.
  8. Hey yall, I want to try making a zippo case like this. I am thinking I would do a wet form mold of both sides then sew it. But I really do not know. Would I have to thin the leather?? Is there another way??? How would I sew it to make it fit tight?? Do I glue it?? I guess I am not that bright on things like this, so thats why I am turning to yall. Please help
  9. I think that would work good. A little pricy for me.
  10. Hey yall, I was thinking when I got home this morning I wanted to tool some leather. But my wife was sleeping and I did not want to wake her. I work odd hours ,all over the place being on 24 hour call. Sometimes I get home at 4 in the morning but am still up, or I wake up at midnight ready to get a phone call. My problem is I want to tool but the loud bang bang of my mallet will wake my wife, and I do not want THAT. lol so I was thinking of either buying or making a press that can accept tooling tools so I can do more projects. I am gonna draw up something, but if yall know of something that is already out there please let me know. So what do yall think?? If I make up something I will post it
  11. I like it. I like that you can turn it. Nice job. I am redoing mine kinda like that. crude but functional and that is all that counts on something like that
  12. I gonna copy also!!! cool... I also like yer two tone . Very nice.. Keep it up
  13. I like it a lot. Been thinking on the same line and been trying to decide on a pattern. I have about 30 in mind......will show mine off when I get time to make some
  14. I agree... Looks good... ask my wife and now I understand... nice
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