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  1. Tighten the top thread a little at a time till it is where it should be.
  2. I have a 2" it goes slow but I want it even slower so I guess I will have to use a lathe and make one or get a reducer setup.
  3. Has anyone changed the pulley on the head of a Seiko CW8B machine. I am looking to put a larger pulley on it. This machine is the same as a Techsew 2700. I am asking for this info before hitting the machine shop and making one.
  4. NEW Family Servo Motors FESM-550N/S 0-3450 rpm $110.00 plus shipping.
  5. New Seiko CW8B Cylinder Bed Sewing Machine from surplus stock. $1,000.00 plus shipping. This machine is the same as Techsew 2700. It will sew 3/8 inch leather. We have about 15 of these machines at this time. This is for the head only. cw_series.pdf
  6. We have NEW Family Servo Motors FESM-550N/S 0-3450 rpm 110volt 550watt in box. $110.00 plus shipping. Dan
  7. These machines are New Seiko CW8B Walking Foot Cylinder Bed Machines. These are new never installed machines, have about 20 of them. They listed for about $2400. On sale for $1000 plus shipping (approx $100) If you want photos message me. Dan
  8. Pfaff 145-H3-6/01 CLMNP $650.00 plus shipping (est $100.00) This 145 is in good working condition. I don't ship tables anymore because of trouble packing and cost of shipping. You are better buying new table, motor of you choice and reduction setup (if needed) from eBay. Machine located in Northwest New Jersey. I can pack and ship by UPS. Any question contact me. Note red plastic on top of machine is missing does not effect oiling.
  9. I believe Constabulary has touched on a part that is often overlooked when having stitch length problems in reverse. I have included both styles of the part we are talking about.
  10. Thanks Gruss. I am looking for in depth information about the machines and how the work. Pfaff machines have a lot going on inside and I would like to find out how the work. Dan
  11. Hi Gregg, I have several machines, Pfaff 138, 145, 433, and 463 Old style ( Pfaff tells me the pulleys and belt are different from newer models. Can't find replacement belts for this model. Thanks for any help you can give me on this subject. Dan
  12. Hi Everyone, Are there any Pfaff manuals that go into depth on how to repair these industrial machines? I have searched the web but did not come up with anything. I have managed to repair some odd problems without them but it takes a lot of time and patience. Any help would be gratefully welcomed. Thanks Dan
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