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  1. Hi all, I have leather for sale for $1/sf. Quantities vary based on color and type. Anything from single hides to 2000+ sq ft lots. Full Cow hides, lamb, goat, calf, suede, hair-on-hide, belt/holster leather, and everything in between. Off-cuts (at least 1sf) are also available by the pound. Let me know what you need, and I probably have it. Here is a very small sampling for photo reference: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y2mkzc5wpavb9qv/AABifeDDbK4G5jIOAtIS_9V4a?dl=0
  2. Hi steadybrook... sorry this is two months late, but I just saw it now! Would you still be interested in this crosshatch leather? They are in large sides, I have all sizes as well as smaller cuts. Not sure the exact age, as I bought it in a lot with a bunch of other leather. Still pretty supple and sewable and not dried or cracking. Hopefully the samples convey that.
  3. Hi Christine, I do still have it. It is about 40sf, hair on. Looking for $250.
  4. Mailing these out tomorrow... let me know!
  5. Will do. Most likely will go out this weekend when I am at the warehouse. Thank you!
  6. I can do $2-3/sf for anything over 50sf $4/sf for smaller quantities $5/pound for small cuts, min 6lbs I don't have additional photos, possibly next weekend. For larger orders, I'm happy to mail you a sample first.
  7. Sorry, try this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m897rvhkqb16vgt/AAA7bkU8i71JHmU7OJt3KVD2a?dl=0 I would say medium-heavy...I don't have the oz measured, off-hand. My guess is somewhere in the 4.5-6oz range. Lighter than a belt leather, heavier than your typical cow split. Paypal is fine, please DM me. I estimate shipping to be in the $18-25 range.
  8. I have Bottega Veneta-style crosshatch-look leather in black, brown, and white. Available as large hides, small cuts, and scrap by the pound. Up to 1000sf total, and anything in between. Great for bags, upholstery, book-binding. Located in Central NJ, or I am willing to ship.
  9. Nearly new! Full automatic Durkopp-Adler 281 industrial sewing machine. Semi-dry direct drive machine, single needle.- Automatic thread cutter- Auto foot lift- Auto back stitching- Bobbin counter- Built-in bobbin winder- Semi-dry head- Direct drive (no motor attached to table)- 120VComes with the machine head, table, bobbins, thread stand, and more. Complete, and ready to sew.I used this machine to sew sample jackets for a couple months. Perfect for all fabrics, denim, garment-weight leather, and more. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/dhz5w7gczdvbq4h/AACn2fr9D8QyCxzuTWEL3Buaa?dl=0 Local Pickup in Central New Jersey. Looking for $850 or BO.
  10. I have three kick presses for sale in Central NJ. Make an offer for all three!1) Stimpson kick press for rivets, auto-loading2) Unknown brand, large press3) Unknown brand, larger press Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5ruzx2awk49gq7k/AAA-S2jX8RwquTAH9BH7IKfia?dl=0 Local Pickup in Central New Jersey. Make an offer for all three!
  11. Definitely. No photos at the moment, but I know I have plenty of both black and brown in the 5-7oz range and up. I will be at the warehouse this weekend and can take photos and cut swatches of the various lots. How much are you looking for in terms of square footage, and for what kind of project? Happy to help you out on price, what are you looking to spend?
  12. I have four high-end luxury hair-on cowhide rugs for sale:1) Italian-made unique design, lavender, blue, and brown. Uniquely beautiful coloring, texture, and shape. One of a kind, bought originally for over $1000, imported from Italy~96" long, 87" wide at bottom, 74" at middle, 59" at top2) Beautiful tan hair cowhides, consistent coloring. Two pieces available, each cost me $800. Imported from Brazil#1 = ~96" long, 80" wide at bottom, 66" at middle, 36" at top#2 = ~91" long, 80" wide at bottom, 66" at middle, 42" at top3) Cheetah Print, exotic and unique, originally cost $800, imported from BrazilAsking $395 each, or I will take $1180 for all four. Photos of All Rugs: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2o8tvtgmte66egm/AAAvMy6tVm025nwFPUgl75Hpa?dl=0I also have other hair-on split hides in various colors, as well as regular cow, suede, lamb, goat, bridle, belt leather, and more. Please let me know your specific leather needs! Nearly every color, texture, and type are available in high or low quantities. Great for upholstery, bags, garments, and everything in between!
  13. I have various leather sewing machines for sale. Some are in working condition, some are for parts. Make me an offer for the entire lot!Pfaff 345-H3-6C, cylinder arm, walking foot, needs timing, head only2x- Pfaff 1445, walking foot (1 is working, 1 is for parts), head onlyJuki 563- needs many parts, head only2x- Pfaff 138-6/21-BS, (1 is working, 1 is for parts), head onlyPfaff 438, zig-zag, needle positioner, head only5x- Singer 31-15, some for parts only2x- Singer 241-122x- Large kick pressesStimpson kick press for rivetsMake an offer for everything! Machines are available for pickup in Central New Jersey. Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ws09535yjch2em1/AABNoLebdxyM3RaaKlYn3ROja?dl=0
  14. Thanks for the message. Happy to sell by the square foot. These are the quantities I have of the three you mentioned, as well as additional photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hr83osq24j426tl/AAD_YNUovxAyUMbu-bg-li6Va?dl=0 180 Cow side Full grain, heavier weight, medium brown, highly pebbled 18sf avg 4 hides 71sf total 181 Cow side Full grain, heavier weight, medium brown, highly pebbled 16sf avg 6 hides 98sf total 182 Cow side Full grain, heavier weight, Barney purple, highly pebbled 17sf avg 11 hides 186sf total I can do around $4/sf for the lower quantities, and a little better if you buy a bit more. Let me know your thoughts
  15. Wholesale lot of whole hides, cuts, shoulders, hair-on, full grain, and more for sale! Perfect for upholstery, bags, garments, belts, and a wide variety of other projects. We have about 40,000sf total, with individual quantities ranging from single hides to 2000+sf bundles. Discount and wholesale prices available on the entire lot, or individual pieces at quantity. Wholesale and retail buyers welcome. Please send me a message with your specific needs, including color, type, and quantity! Can shipped, or picked up locally in NY/NJ area. Click Here for photos. I can send more personalized photos depending on what you are looking for. Offering the best prices for almost any color, type, and quantity. We have full cowhides, halves, splits, suede, hair-on-hide, lamb, goat, sheep, belt leather, bridle, holster, saddle leather, metallics foil pressed, embossed, etc... We also have scrap and off-cuts available for sale by the pound. Please see my other listings, or message me for what you need! Photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/y2mkzc5wpavb9qv/AABifeDDbK4G5jIOAtIS_9V4a?dl=0
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