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  1. Adam. Please do not throw stones. the test tubes were an idea from another member, i use them to organize studs and snaps. as an AA member please forgive me
  2. gods of leather. i raise my hammer in tribute to you all
  3. I look at your shops and am overwhelmed. I cant say the words. you are all doing beautiful work!
  4. a resin coated four leaf clover pendant. My wife and I found it on our wedding day. Also resin coated yeti cups. Creating a leather dreamcatcher now
  5. wow! you have come so far! nice room.
  6. you win if you get fredk to give up his answer. Grok?
  7. heh heh. no answer is the correct answer. Grok?
  8. what is the greatest book ever written by Robert Heinlien?
  9. PS if you can see expansion with a telescope then its an optical illusion. it is contracting. and not the building a house kind.
  10. so this is why a plane can take off from a stationary position on a treadmill?
  11. yep. you just explained why toilets in Australia flush counterclockwise.
  12. so how fast are you really going in relation to earths rotation and universal expansion?
  13. By Mjolnir, December 13, 2017 504 replies 22,847 views 480volt March 15
  14. I'm grok on 'hammockforums.net' Interesting place to learn about sleeping above ground. You also get a sticker for your contribution plus access to off topic areas. Just sayin
  15. Thanks YinTx. Should have title this to the ' Leather Mods'. lol! they collect money from donations online. lmao!
  16. I buy stuff from the vendors here. I don't have a lot of leather craft know how. I'm learning so I don't post a lot of my misshaps. I guess I'm just off topic. I asked a Mod to pin that topic. I probably didn't understand that I was asking for the topic to be thrown away.
  17. I don't really care but I do. I loved that thread and not because I started it but because I like seeing innovation. People showing off! and now that's off topic. I guess I should post trivia on show off.
  18. So a topic called 'Show your Shop' isn't under Show anymore but moved to off topic. Why?
  19. No. Time lost can not be recovered. My favorite child psychology story was of a young boy at an airport. After watching the planes take off he was terrified of 'getting smaller'.
  20. Who's turn is it? please Sheila I'm frying bacon so...
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