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  1. I also sew lighter weight upholstery and garment leather and suedes but I use a Juki manufactured Econosew Walking Foot. I've only been trying to use the machine for a few months and currently have size 22 needle and 138 thread which does NOT seem to work for my lightweight leather. What needle and thread size/type would you suggest?
  2. Hi all, I have a Juki Manufactured Econosew Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine with a Servo-Speed Motor. I've only had it a few months and I'm finding the tension to be very difficult to get correct. I have zero experience with industrial machines, especially for leather, so I've been having to figure it out as I go. I live pretty remotely so there's no one near who can come over and show me the ropes. I've spent hours and hours and hours adjusting the top and bottom tensions and I have yet to get it perfect. I discussed this with my mother in law who is a sewing machine genius (but sadly lives across the country) and she suggested that it could be the wrong needle and thread size for the weight of leather I use. Prior to getting the machine I researched here on the forum for needle and thread size for leather and was told to use needle size 22/140 and lubricated nylon thread size 138. However, I think the error is that those are for thicker and heavier leathers. I primarily need the machine for lightweight soft leathers and suedes. Think upholstery weight and sometimes even garment weight. Should I use a smaller needle? Different thread? The lubricated thread I got from http://www.tolindsewmach.com/ seems too slippery for what I sew and also too thin. I'd like thicker thread for the aesthetic. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Tired of spending hours and getting nowhere.
  3. Zack White Leather (USA) - Large selection of every kind of leather under the moon, often stock Horween brand leather, lots of tools, dyes, hardware, and more. Colorado Leather Goods (USA) - Great source for deer skin and elk skin at excellent prices, large selection of beads. With both companies it's best to call in your order as they are slow about updating their website inventory.
  4. Okay, that's what I was picturing in my mind but couldn't remember the name of. I believe I have one in my tool set. Thanks!
  5. I was afraid that may be the case. How would you recommend I do that myself? I don't have any sanding/grinding machine.
  6. Hi all, I have an Econosew 360JC Walking Foot machine. I'm looking for smooth bottom walking feet to replace the ridged ones I have. I need to be sure they fit. Is there a universal size, brand, type to order? And where? It seems to be hard for me to find any smooth bottom walking feet that aren't for bonding. I sew leather purses and while most of the stitching is on the interior of the bag and I don't care too much if there's light marking some of my stitching is on the exterior so any marking is a no go. Help?
  7. Do you have a suggestion for where to buy smooth presser feet? I can't seem to find them anywhere other than smooth binder feet which I don't think I need.
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