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  1. Stuggi

    Another Oil Thread (I know...)

    I've been checking the oil level in the cups/oiling points every time I fire it up, and they are slowly dropping (aka not plugged) but the stuff the PO put in there has been lasting quite some time (extremely tacky stuff). I'll probably take the head of the machine and rinse it out good and proper with a mild solvent and reoil it when I get some proper oil.
  2. So, after owning my '76 Pfaff 335 H3 for a couple of years (very light use) the former owners oiling job is finally starting to wear of and I might have to start oiling it again. The guy I bought it from was an 80-ish year old sewing machine repairman turned textile manufacturer that was closing up shop and getting rid of all his machines. He slathered the whole machine in this deep yellow sticky oil, that it to this day leaks of after standing a while (I have to keep a piece of cloth under the presser foot to soak up the oil in between uses). So, now I'm researching what oil I need, and this is turning into quite the rabbit hole This here thread seems to recommend a ISO VG 15 oil which to me seem a bit thin (I'm a mechanical engineer so ISO VG oils are quite familiar). In the same thread they link to this oil which is even thinner (ISO VG 10). The consensus on here on the other hand seems to be for ISO VG 22, which Mobile also sells Pfaff's manuals aren't that helpful, as they only recommend Pfaff sewing machine oil No. 280-1-120 122, which I've not managed to find out what it is. The newer manuals for the 335 spec "Only use oil with a viscosity of 22.0 mm^2/s at 40 C and a density of 0,865 g/cm^2. Pfaff recommends Pfaff sewing machine oil, part no. 280-1-120 144", which to me sounds like ISO VG 22 if I remember the specs for ISO VG oils correctly. Personally, I'd have use for a ISO VG 22 oil elsewhere in the shop, but I thought I'd get your guys opinion on the matter first. On a side note, my mother is threatening to outsource the oiling of her home Bernina machine and Bernina Serger machine to me, any recommendations of oil for those as well?
  3. Quick question, should the bobbin rotate CW or CCW when installed in the bobbin case (looking at it from the "inside")?
  4. Stuggi

    Duplicating pieces - options?

    If you need CAD then Autodesk Fusion 360 is free for enthusiasts and startups with less than 100k USD in annual turnover. It's 3D oriented, but you can do 2D designs fairly easily. There's a lot of tutorials online for it as well, and it has a really nice feature that allows you to insert images for tracing.
  5. Stuggi

    Pfaff Lamp / Efka Variostop VD24

    Now I feel like something of an idiot, if you inspect the plate on the motor you'll find a line at the bottom that says "Nählicht 12V 20W", which translates to "Sewing light 12V 20W". So I guess I'll just order the right bulb and be on my way...
  6. Stuggi

    Pfaff Lamp / Efka Variostop VD24

    And if someone has a manual for that VD24 motor I'd be very thankful!
  7. Stuggi


    Wera makes nice screwdrivers, and with the most common from Wera and an assortment of older random brand stubby ones I usually get by. Flat blade screwdrivers are a bit odd in that regard that you need a lot more of them than the Phillips and Pozidrive ones. If you want to get really picky, you should pick up a bits set for gunsmithing, they usually have a huge array of different width and thickness of flathead bits. Never used this one on a sewing machine, but it has saved me from tearing down hours of work to get to a single screw so many times when working on equipment in datacenters; it's a small ratchet bit driver that fits in the palm of your hand.
  8. Hi everybody! A year ago I aquired a Pfaff walking foot machine (335-H3-39/21-BSN to be exact) with a Variostop VD24. Now I managed to find the correct lamp for this machine with a separate arm. The lamp is outfitted with a small plug and a 230VAC 15W lamp, and when I went to install it on my machine I found out that the Variostop motor has a connection for a lamp already! But when I measured the contacts on the motor it gave out only 15VAC? So my question is, are these old (1976 is the vintage of my machine) machines usually fitted with 12VAC bulbs? The bulb is some odd bayonet bulb. Best regards, Sebastian
  9. That's the problem, I have the parts book for the new models, not the old ones, and they seem to have changed the design of the bar to a 2 piece version.
  10. Here's some pictures as well!
  11. Oh, BTW, the exact model number is 335-H3-39/21-BSN. I've managed to decipher the H3 (11mm lift) and B (medium-heavy materials), but what does 39/21, S and N mean?
  12. I have a "new-to-me" Pfaff that I'm slowly getting into, and I just noticed that the bar that the outside presser foot is attached to is missing the left ear. This makes the foot sit crooked, and as such it every so often hits the inside presser foot causing all sorts of clatter. I tried looking at the parts diagram for the newer 335's, but the seem to have a 2 piece bar, while mine seems to have a solid bar. Am I missing something or is the bar different? My machine is from 1976. And a second question, is this something that I, with no sewing machine repair skills what so ever, can replace? I have rebuilt cars and such and am reasonably handy, but I've never seen such a complicated mechanism as what's inside that Pfaff.
  13. Okay, thanks, I think I'll steer clear of this one, I've found another that's similar looking, but probably in better condition. These are going for about 250€ so if I find a good one I'll get that one and use it as a trade in when I find a walking foot machine at a dealer.
  14. Okay, thanks! What's up with the weird bail that attaches to the foot, I've never seen anything like that while googling Pfaffs?
  15. Hi, I've found a couple of machines like this online, but none of the owners seem to know the model of the machine. They look quite a bit like the Pfaff 487, which seems to be walking foot models, but I can't be sure from online descriptions. I'm looking for a machine that will do lighter leather and canvas projects (bags and such).