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    Chugiak, Alaska
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    Anything I can learn from this website; I think it is great! Otherwise I have many interests, and have made different things over the years, although I consider myself a novice. I am interested in Holsters, knife sheaths, Tomahawk Sheaths, Bag tags, belts, etc.

    I'd like to learn how to carve and tool well, but basically I just stamp and make my own patterns for the things I make (usually from scratch or a picture I've come accross).

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    Holsters, Knife sheaths, patterns
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    Holsters, Sheaths, Pattern layout, Tooling
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    Just happened to find it.

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I''m a divorced 56year old, who started doing leather work back in 2007 when Anchorage first got a Tandy Leather store.  I enjoy making all sorts of things and have made belts, sheaths, tomahawk sheaths, holsters, purses, coasters, and passport covers.  I normally come up with my own patterns for the things I make, sometimes going off pictures I've seen in books and magazines to get things started. i've also purchased some of the holster patterns I've been able to sell, but still need to make my own patterns, especially if if it is for a unique order.  I enjoy leather work and it is relaxing to me. 


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