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  1. BlakesBlades

    Oh, come on now. Seriously, Tiny Again?

    Looks nice, You must be warming up to the little stuff.
  2. BlakesBlades

    Bobberjob UK

    Fantastic work!
  3. BlakesBlades

    Irish theme knife sheath

    Fine looking set up!
  4. BlakesBlades

    Unique New Workspace

    Congratulations! Looks like enough room to really get some work done.
  5. BlakesBlades

    Made with honor.

    Very nice!
  6. BlakesBlades

    Sheridan tote bag

    Woah, that was a lotta work, and nice too!
  7. That's a nice bag, good job. What are the little straps (like the one you put your mark on) for? Just structural or is there another purpose?
  8. BlakesBlades

    Dies, little less 'stuff'

    Do you still have 'E' available?
  9. Man that's CLEAN. Very nice!
  10. BlakesBlades

    Newest holster done

    Be careful which punch you buy, make sure the width will allow for a good, thick gunbelt. I still have not found one that will work, I might have to get one custom done. The slots are theweakest link on that holster for sure, Nice job.