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  1. Water? Indio? The Salton Sea then? (seriously...thats a beautifully crafted piece you made)
  2. Just finished this custom Leatherman Surge belt sheath. Molded leather, with a side pen holder. Also, I built in a small "pocket" behind the main compartment to store the extra removable saw blase and file. This is for my son, who needs it at work and the factory LM sheath just didnt cut the mustard for him. I think he liked it....he called it "legit"!
  3. I'm a big knife fan, one of my favorite patterns is the Case Peanut. I currently have 4 of them. This is my second molded item...a pocket case for this small pocket knife..... This is a synthetic purple model....and the slip pays homage to that by being dyed purple inside. Dark green stitching. Pretty pleased with it. Started a work-carry molded shesth with my younger son today for his Leatherman tool. That'll be my most complex item yet.
  4. Very well done and appropriately British-esque.
  5. Cjartist-Yes, I think she does like it. Now Im on the hook to take her out so she can use it! billybopp-LOL. See my reply to Cj, above! (I guess a trip to Wal-Mart or Home Depot doesn't cou t then?) Thanks for the compliments. When I've through the Tandy shoulder Ive been working off of, I'm gonna spend a little more on some better quality skin. Anyone have any suggestions? That was my first non-remnants buy...
  6. Made this for my wife. For the (rare) evening out on the town. Holds ID, credit cards and some bills.
  7. I call those "errand-mocs" and they look quite comfy. Well done.
  8. Very nice work. You should be proud. I've done a few knife and pen slips as well....those are small but real skill builders IMO. I don't know if its considered good form or not, but I drop the uppermost stitches into a groove on the outer edge to minimize wear since they typically ride in (and out) of my pocket.
  9. Great info amd Thanks for sharing it. (And NO freezing isnt an issue around these parts!)
  10. Thanks. No I didnt paint the thread ( it's all I can do to get it stitched! ) It is available at Tandy like that.
  11. My third coin purse. Made for a friend at work....and my first hand-tooled project. Constructive criticism welcomed.
  12. Thank you both for the replies, and YES the acrylic oaint/dyes are what Im most interested in, so yes I am going to try them. Thanks again
  13. Im unhappy with my Tandy brand (eco flo) chemicals...the bottles come with a paper "seal" inside the caps, and it rapidly disintegrates leaving a leaky bottle, or one which dries up well before I can use the contents up. Im looking at some Angelus brands, they have a very large selection of colors and what appears to be packaged in a glass bottle, its listed as a "dye" but appears to be a paint.... Im in California and several Fiebings items on the web state they cannot be shippped to the Golden State. So...anyone have any practical experience with Angelus products?
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