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  1. Thank you guys !! and advise too. I really appreciated it!
  2. I made this bag for my mom. (60th birthday) Didn't give yet Leather : Buttero Vegetable Tanned Leather (Italy) Thickness : 1.8t (3oz) The video features making a braided brown shopper bag. I hope you guys like it too. Thanks! Video [12:18]
  3. You can search as "Metal paper weight" Hope this helps!
  4. Hi guys, I made this circle bag. used Italian veg tanned leather (Dakota) I love this olive tan color. I hope you guys like my vid and patterns too . thanks! Video [11:55]
  5. How about making leather gloves yourself and giving to someone you love? Hope you like video too =D Video [Material & thickness] Leather : Calfskin leather 0.6t Lining : Cotton
  6. https://youtu.be/UK2BXHcM5JM This is making video. You could see the inside and everything Thaks! Thanks you everyone =)
  7. Hi there I made a simple leather clutch. I used an Italian vegetable tanned leather and a small stud-closure for a metal part Thickness is 2.3t (6oz) Making film & pattern >>> https://youtu.be/UK2BXHcM5JM Many thanks!
  8. I made a bi-fold card wallet I used an Italian vegetable leather and worked for an hour If you're tired of heavy wallets, give it a try =) → Pattern & Making clip Thanks !
  9. Hi there I made an intrecciato pouch. Also made a tutorial if you want to see click here. Tutorial Thanks!
  10. Oh! you're gonna need it! Thanks You're welcome!
  11. Thanks, the lamp is COLEMAN LUMIERE LANTERN I often take it to camping.
  12. Thank you for your support, ! cheers : ) Thanks! ^^
  13. hi there, I wanted to make the camping stuff even better. So I decided to dress the gas canister. It's not that hard to make. If you need it, there is a video. click here ↓ YOUTUBE video I made it slower then before, (I don't want to hurt your eyes.) Thank you for watching my work. cheers
  14. Thank you mate, Just Pass through the ball. Inside the ball is tangled by threads. Through there!
  15. Thank you for watching. I'll keep in mind of your advice. !!
  16. Thank you, I'll try to make it slower next time! Actually, some people said to me already. Sorry for hurting your eyes.
  17. To play? I don't know but to display brown just fine
  18. Yes exactly. that happens all times !
  19. Thank you ! I have know idea weight of leather. Sorry for that but I used 3mm thick leather I hope it helps you
  20. Hi there, I replaced cover of my cheapie baseball. if you have filthy or cheapie baseball try to make it classy one. Thank you for watching my work. cheers.
  21. OMG incredible work. Nice work!!! Respect
  22. I like too. and it more durable! Italy buttero, hard and flexible. and smells good
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