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  1. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    One of my Bowie Knives has been needing a new sheath for a few decades the original has been dry rotted. It's going to be close in design to the original sorta. I have 2 Bowie's this one I've never used because of the rotted sheath Got it glued up sewn up, stained, snapped and riveted. Had an issue with the snap cap but its about 30 years old. My dads snap anvil may be crap too? Still have to sand the edges and burnish then finish top coat.
  2. hawgrider


    Thats some pretty exotic leather right there!
  3. hawgrider

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    Nice "Browning" deer head. Sheath looks good!
  4. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    No but its a little skinny which contributed to some of my holes for stitching being a little to close to the edge on the back side. Thanks all for the comments! Not sure what I'm doing next maybe a sheath for an old Bowie Knife Ive had for a few decades?
  5. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    Got it finished. Nice snug retention from the wet mold. 2 coats of Resolene.
  6. hawgrider

    Leather balm with atom wax

    Sold here- https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/fiebing-s-leather-balm-w-atom-wax
  7. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    Here GeneH you see how the holes closed back up. Here is the backside and you can see I'm haveing a problem getting thru in good alignment. Maybe I should doing the holes front and back without the welt glued in. Then just prick the welt from one side or the other.
  8. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    The holes on the last pic were nice diamond holes from the chisel set I have. Just before the pic I opened up the holes with an awl as I me getting ready to sew it up. Those holes will shrink up and take the diamond hope shape again as soon as I wet mold the sheath to the knife. The problem Im having is not so much from the top side. Its the back side that is the issue from not being perfectly straight while hammering the chisel through. The thickness make its impossible to do it in one pass with my new set of diamond hole chisels from Tandy. So sometimes the holes on the back side are out of alignment.
  9. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    Thanks I try to improve with each venture. My stitching and edge work did get a little better. Hole placement when the thickness of the leather is deeper than my hole chisels is a challenge. The welt for the knife sheaths make it difficult to get holes placement perfect. I keep trying to come up with a method that narrows the risk of trashing the piece if I land a the holes in the wrong spot.
  10. hawgrider

    1st knife sheath

    Looking good!
  11. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    Southpaw sheath is finished- Worked on this one over the weekend. Took a Stab at a border with so so results. need more practice for sure-
  12. hawgrider

    Sheridan tote bag

    Wow! The tooling is fantastic.
  13. hawgrider

    Just in time for Valentine's

    Nice bag it looks great!
  14. hawgrider

    Farting around with leather.

    Finally got the southpaw sheath wet molded now to let it dry.
  15. hawgrider

    First try, and thank you

    Wheel guns Rock! Nice holster for it. Last minute change to leave the bottom open?