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  1. Great, thank you for the insights. Appreciate the tips on the technique with the rag
  2. Alta Andina crafts handmade mutli-use rolls. They are for sale on our website: https://altaandina.com/products/ Our tool roll can be used for almost anything. Fits a 12 inch wrench. Each slot can be sized as big or small as needed. Great for woodworking sets, chisel sets, bonsai sets etc. Also works great for paint brushes or art supplies. Our art rolls can also be used for pens and pencils, brushes, etc. We haven't played with putting tools in our art rolls yet, but we'd love to see how you use them! We do all our work by hand. Hand stitching, hand hammered copper rivets, hand burnished with beeswax. All full grain, vegetable tanned leather (quebracho, mimosa blend).
  3. What kind of applicator are you using to apply the beeswax? We use beeswax on our edges and burnish it on with a sander to heat it up and let it set. We haven't tried using a beeswax finish on all other parts of the leather. I'd be curious how you apply and your results.
  4. We use all hand hammered copper rivets on our products - like these (see photos). We actually made a custom setter for the specific rivet size so that it was a snug fit and a more accurate tool. In terms of videos, I like this one a lot.
  5. Hi All, Very interested in the topic of burnishing in general. Right now we use a basic wheel sander to apply a natural beeswax to our edges. Has anyone worked on a natural burnishing process? @hidepounder I am curious about your use of canvas as the application. Is the canvas waxed with anything first? What does wetting the leather edges do to help the burnishing process? Thanks so much for sharing the write up
  6. Beautiful burnishing - can you tell me more about your burnishing process? Is that by hand? Is the seaweed an extract? What do you use to apply? It is so even and consistent. @MudBugWill - thank you!
  7. Hi All - New to the forums and wanted some feedback on my companies' leather craft. All our products are handmade. Hand stitched, hand burnished, we hammer in our copper rivets by hand. We use only full grain, vegetable tanned leather (quebracho, mimosa blend). We'd love some feedback, especially on our rolls - see attached photos. They are really functional, but we're looking for suggestions, features to add, or general improvements to the design. Any suggestions for how you'd use them? Features you would like to see ideally? Each slot of the center strap tool roll with the wrenches adjusts so you can put various items inside. The art / pen and pencil rolls have the side pocket for extra storage which closes on its own when rolled. More photos on our website: https://altaandina.com/products/
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