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  1. Dpalmay

    Problem with prickng irons

    Quick update. I went with the Seiwa European 3mm. They came in yesterday, 1 project (using wrong thread, so too crappy to post) done, and they are fantastic in comparison to the craft tools I was using. Thanks for the help on this one folks.
  2. Dpalmay

    Problem with prickng irons

    I would normally have no issues with sanding down and polishing, but smaller apartment life means not much storage space (aka, wife complains when I buy tools to work on my tools). If there's a better brand out there, I'll just upgrade the chisels and let these ones go. I see the Weavers in a lot of vids, any other good quality ones I should look for?
  3. Dpalmay

    Problem with prickng irons

    Yeah, it's a 3mm chisel, painted black. I'll try out the wax idea this weekend. I agree with them being painted, that polishing wouldn't do much for them. I appreciate the help folks.
  4. Dpalmay

    Problem with prickng irons

    Hi all, New to the forums, and just returning to leatherwork after 30 years. I;m having issues with using the craftool 3mm pricking irons. They get stuck in the leather, and I almost have to use pliers and a vise to remove them. I'm using 3-5oz veg tan, making wallets, card holders and phone cases. I had the same problem with 3-5oz black dye veg tan, and 6-8 oz veg. I've tried wet and dry leather, but having no luck. Do I need to be looking into other brands, or just a new technique? Don