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  1. That's a very neat piece. But I'd like to see the interior.
  2. Yup. When I get a side, I always cut off the belly portion as scrap. Then I cut off the shoulders as soft, tender leather unsuitable for belts, but suitable for other purposes, like sheaths. For belts, I use only the butt/bend portion.
  3. Rocky Mountain Leather Supply sells European- and Japanese-made buckles, if that's any help. That's where I get my buckles for my belts. They're reasonably priced. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/buckles-hardware
  4. Also note that Pro dye can't be shipped to some locations.
  5. What I've done with mine is to make them two-piece. The cobra head that never changes in size, and the adjustable strap portion that can be cut to different sizes—then you'll really have plenty strap for adjustment. Even so, the stitching is not easy due to a very, very long thread (formula: thread needed = distance to stitch * 4).
  6. Danne, you have to stop posting your work! I get depressed by excellence because it reminds me of how much I suck. You're gonna be responsible for me quitting leatherwork and tossing all my expensive tools in the garbage! Do you really want that on your conscience?? (Being arch, as usual. Post away, mate! That card holder is quite similar to my Oselvar™ wallet, 'cept I go for curves and don't line it. Guess I should start lining them now. )
  7. Kyoshin Elle for the edger. Get it at goodsjapan.com.
  8. I just toss them in a repurposed canned food tin. I wash them with water after use in an effort to extend their life: they'll last for more than 2 applications, but will eventually become saturated with hardened paint and become useless.
  9. Hardrada


    I kept hearing great things about John James, so I ordered a pack. I was extremely disappointed when I got them and saw the Made in China label. I guess I'll order C. S. Osborne next time.
  10. If that's the Chartermade knife you have as a model there, be aware that it's patented, so make sure to modify your own design so that it doesn't look the same.
  11. Good thing it's only 'a few'. I'm with jcuk there. Myself, I've got only one round knife, a Japanese skiving knife, a Japanese curved skiving knife, and a clicker knife. Plus an Exacto and an Olfa L-5. The round knife is the most versatile.
  12. These: https://www.danswhetstone.com/product/bench-stones/ A soft Arkansas (medium) and a hard Arkansas (fine). Finish with a strop and green compound.
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