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  1. Noticed you're a compatriot. Can you sell outside of Etsy?
  2. Yep, looks more like a dwarf to me. Vikings didn't wear horned helmets. Neat work, though.
  3. FWIW, I just use my chisels. If they don't punch all the way through, I don't force them or get frustrated: I finish punching the (half) holes and then place the project on a cork board and finish making the holes with my diamond awl, just being careful the awl is perpendicular to the board and slanted the right way. This method's never failed me. Tedious, yes, but doable, practical, and with good results.
  4. This is the only "kit" that I've bought: a collection of templates. You can have them in acrylic but must wait for shipping. Shipping from Vietnam was slow even before the current situation, so I'd just get the PDF and print them onto cardstock: https://am-leathercraft.com/collections/pdf-patterns/products/simple-watch-strap-pattern-video-tutorial-from-18mm-to-25mm The video embedded in that page is a different one that the one I had previously watched from him. Here's the original, you can watch it prior so as to get an idea of what's involved and why a paring machine is needed:
  5. A paring machine is a must. I couldn't make watch bands without my Schärffix.
  6. I'd suggest checking those spam folders. They're being proactive, not waiting for members to comply. I just received this to-day: (Boldface mine.) Yeah, like I am gonna refund them.
  7. That happens because you're pulling the leather with the knife when reaching the end. It's kinda "normal" to happen when performing the cutting motion, but it's definitely vexing and leaves you with a crooked line at the end. A number things you can do: Leave some leeway, so that your project doesn't end at the crooked end, and you can just trim the crooked tail. After cutting, leave the ruler in place and trim the protruding tail with a skiving knife. Start the whole operation by making an incision along the ruler ~1/4" to 1/2" from the end, and then cut from the top as normal: the knife will run into and join the pre-cut portion without pulling the leather.
  8. I'd think the smart move would be to have one's own online store. Alas, if Shopify goes woke too it'd be the end of many of such stores. Only other option would be a fully independent online store that wouldn't depend on third-party platforms running from a VPS or better, but those are not easy to set up or maintain. Or cheap.
  9. Hardrada


    Ditto. I'd love to use them, but the investment to go in can't be justified at this point in time. It's worse for me, what with the exchange rate and duties and all.
  10. So far I've gotten good results with cardstock. Letter-sized cardstock is cheap and runs through any printer. The only issue is when your item is larger than 11x8.5", such as slings or bags, in which case you'll have to tinker with your design program to be able to print on several sheets and then cut and put together with tape. For a more permanent/durable pattern item I use bag stiffener, which I got from Tandy, but I bet any leather supplier carries it.
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