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  1. They look done with an electric creaser, such as a Regad or Summit.
  2. Resolene seems to be a favoured finish for tooled projects. I'd not use Tan Kote. If you don't have or don't want to use resolene, I'd use Leather Balm with Atom Wax. Still, Resolene, if I remember correctly is an acrylic finish, and would probably seal the item better.
  3. No Fakebook, S'witter, Snapshut, Instasham, or Pissterest for me either.
  4. https://theleatherguy.org/blogs/leather-101/leather-101-thickness-and-temper
  5. Why not use leather that's already pre-dyed and avoid all trouble? Chevre should be just the thing for a Bible.
  6. Use copper/brass rivets. The leather will tear before those come apart. I too would also stitch the loop and reinforce with a rivet on each end. Place the flat end of the rivet inside so that it doesn't scratch the contents—better yet, line the pouch.
  7. Agreed. Also, good tools last longer. Even in this era of cut corners–even from quality manufacturers–, good tools tend to be more durable. Durability is a key feature now that we're heading into scarcity, times when even dirt cheap sinojunk might not be available anymore.
  8. I use Metal Glo for my polishing.
  9. That's either a fluke or total merde de cheval. Mine came sharpened and fully ready to use. They're still sharp. They have to come sharpened because the thing with the KS Blade chisels is that the user can't fix them if there's issue with them: one has to send them back to them in order to get them serviced. This is a hassle that the founder of Sinabroks perceived and ergo he designed his chisels to have removable teeth, because most of the issues you're likely to have with a chisel is a broken tooth, and it's indeed a pain not to be able to change them yourself. Don't feel bad about your purchase. I wasn't trying to knock Sinabroks off. From what I've seen they're also top quality items, and made to last if not abused. I do strongly recommend to protect the tips as much as possible, because they're finer than your run of the mill diamond chisel, and even though they're good quality, they can dull and they can break.
  10. I have chisels from KS Blade, the company the Sinabroks guy used to work at before starting his own (and copying the design, basically). They're excellent. Pricey, yes; but worth every nickel.
  11. This: https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/hammer-mauls-and-mats/products/rocky-mountain-thick-punch-pad-many-sizes Before getting me a pair of those, I used to use a piece of ~10 oz old leather taken out from an old briefcase someone gave me. Haven't neeed to sharpen let alone regrind any chisels so far.
  12. The leather scratch awl is much finer. I wouldn't use anything else for leather. Heck, I even use my leather awl for wood.
  13. Wouldn't happen if stitched by hand. Smirking comments aside, that's a fantastic bag. Looks right there up with "designer" bags. Professional. Well done!
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